How to Throw a Garden Party to Remember

After months and months of self-isolation and complete lockdown, the last couple of weeks has seen the easing of several restrictions. And, while pubs and restaurants are beginning to open their doors, for many out there, the thought of heading back into these places still feels a little daunting.

However, this isn’t the only place where you can have a good time. Since the relaxation of some lockdown restrictions, households of any size can now meet in public or private locations, both indoors and out. This is great news for many of us as we can now see friends and family.

So, why not celebrate by hosting a little garden party? Helping you to stay away from those at the pub, our guide below will tell you how to throw the best garden party this year, despite COVID-19.

Where to sit

The first thing you need to do is to arrange your outdoor seating area. Now, this shouldn’t be a few old plastic chairs you’ve found in the back of the shed. If you want to invest in your garden, you can get a fabulous seating area alongside some nice chairs that provide comfort. Also, ensure you have outdoor cushions for added comfort and maybe some blankets for some warmth later on. For further comfort try adding a heater and even a gazebo style covering.


You’ll want to eat and drink, which means people need to be able to do just this. Have a dedicated table for spreading out the food and ensure people can rest their cups and drinks places, maybe with a few fold away tables you can pop up around the garden. Also ensure you have some outdoor cutlery, plates and cups to prevent anything getting broken.

The food

Now, are you doing a BBQ or cooking a meal? We suggest not doing a meal, while a BBQ can accompany a fabulous spread of salads, dips and other little appetisers. Or you could make something like a curry or chilli and put that on the table for people to help themselves to alongside some smaller nibbles.

What to wear

More for the guests, make sure you’re comfortable as you’ll be outdoors, so make sure you have a jacket for later on in the evening. When it comes to shoes, trainers or something similarly simple will do perfectly as you’ll be outdoors, which means a heel or boot will be too much. Oh, and if you have items you need to carry around, get yourself a cross body bag to offer style and practicality you won’t lose.


As the evening goes on and on, you’ll want to ensure everyone can still see. So, make sure you invest it outdoor lights. From string lighting to add a cute and quaint atmosphere to ones you can hang up around a gazebo or in place of a hanging basket, by doing this you can ensure your party goes into those stunning summer nights.

And there you have it, the ideal way to throw a garden party for those you love who you may not have seen this year.

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