3 Helpful Tips if You Need to Postpone Your Wedding

According to an article in the Evening Standard, a new study has found that 64% of weddings in 2020 are expected to be cancelled, postponed or affected by travel logistics due to the coronavirus pandemic. Further to this, “the wedding industry is set to suffer losses of up to £87.5 billion”, showing how hard it has been hit during the crisis.

If you’ve had to cancel or postpone your wedding this year and are unsure what steps to take, check out our tips below.   

Contact your insurer

If you have wedding insurance, the first thing you need to do is to check out your policy and get in touch with the insurer to see how and if they can help. While it’s unlikely that your wedding insurance policy will cover pandemics, they may be able to help if your venue has gone into administration or you’ve experienced other supplier failures. This will depend on your policy so get in touch with the insurer as soon as possible to see if you can claim anything back, and if they can cover a new wedding date.

Speak to your venue and suppliers

You’ll need to speak with your wedding venue about changing the date to start putting a postponement plan in place. Ask them what dates they have available in the future to figure out a date that works for you, your family and friends, as well as the venue.

Try to keep an open mind – if you were originally planning a summer wedding you may find that you need to consider an autumn or winter date instead – or a date further into the future. Once you’ve decided upon a new date with the venue, contact your other suppliers to see if they can do the new date.

Keep track of refunds and additional costs

Postponing may affect your finances – so it’s essential to keep on top of any refunds, losses or additional costs incurred as you change your date. Some suppliers that can accommodate your new date may be able to do so without charge, while others may charge a postponement fee.

If they have already worked on the goods or services for your wedding, they may need to charge to repeat that work for your new date. Any suppliers that cannot do the new date may be able to refund you either in full or partially, but if the service or goods are non-refundable, you may face some financial losses.

This really depends on the suppliers and the fine print of your contracts, so check this out as soon as possible to get a plan in place. It’s essential to keep track of all refunds and additional costs to make sure you don’t blow your budget. During your planning, carefully monitor your spending and if you do need to use credit or borrow money, make sure you pay it back in full.

Finally, let your guests know your postponement plans. Even if you haven’t got a new date set, reach out to let them know it’s been postponed and the date is yet to be confirmed. Remember – even if you’ve had to change your plans, you’ll still get to marry your true love – and that’s what counts!

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