20 Stories Manchester Afternoon Tea Review

If you’re a bit of a Manchester food and drinks enthusiast, you’ll be no stranger to 20 Stories. Their sky high destination paves the way for one of Manchester’s classiest and glamorous dining places, where I have enjoyed a cocktail (or two or three) at cloud level numerous times.

OK, it’s not exactly cloud level. But it is definitely the highest point in Manchester to dine and drink. And now, it’s the highest place to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea, after 20 Stories have launched their newest treat.

I brought my Mum along with me on a weekday to experience Manchester’s highest Afternoon Tea offering, and was more than looking forward to it. I’m a huge scone, tea and cake enthusiast, and I’m barely going to turn my nose up at sandwiches. Cards – bring it on!

It launched on just a couple of weeks ago, and will be available Mon-Thurs, 2.30-5.30. It’s a modern take on traditional afternoon tea, without going too fancy or unrecognisable. It sticks to the selection of finger sandwiches, scones and cakes, but adds it’s on twists, complete with the prettiest of presentations.

For the savory layer, you have a selection of finger sandwiches, including Salmon & yuzu mayonnaise, Cucumber & cream cheese, Coronation chicken, Montgomery cheddar & gooseberry chutney and Egg mayonnaise.

Then follows a selection of scones, both plain and fruited, with an array of clotted cream and flavoured jam.

Then comes the best bit: an array of homemade signature cakes and desserts which impressed me due to taking inspiration from the Signature 20 Stories cocktails and desserts.

These include a Little Italy Delice, Supernova Banana Cake, Sloe Love Macaron, 20 Stories Tea Cake and Chocolate Manchester Tart Mousse, all served alongside guests’ preferred choice of tea.

When the afternoon tea stand came out, it was incredibly refreshing to see a modern way, whimsical twist on the traditional tiered presentation. Themed around books (nicely linking in with ’20 stories’), one side presented the savoury, in which the reflecting side presented the sweet.

And boy did the sweet side look impressive! The colourful cakes in an array of shapes and sizes looked mouth watering. I have to say that the Tea Cake was my favourite, mainly because I’m a huge lover of those original tea cakes you get in gold foil from the supermarket but these are obviously on another level completely!

Top marks for creatively with the Chocolate Manchester Tart Mousse, which is a thick creamy mousse pot, and hands down the most quirky taste (and delicious taste) was the Little Italy Delice.

So many people ask me where I would recommend going for afternoon tea in Manchester, so it was nice to add this one to my list.

I would say it is a much classier affair, potentially a nice afternoon with a small group of friends, partner, or family. I’d leave the busier, more crowded baby shower and hen party groups to another location in Manchester, as I feel the beauty of the 20 stories afternoon tea is the intricate detail and presentation paired with amazing views, enjoyed at a slower pace during a weekday afternoon.

The 20 Stories afternoon Tea costs £20 for a Traditional Afternoon Tea, £32 for a Champagne or Cocktail Afternoon Tea and £40 for a Cocktail Pairing Afternoon Tea per person.

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