Lost and Found Knutsford Summer Menu

Although I still say on my social media channels and blog that I’m a Manchester blogger, I guess it’s becoming only half true. I’m in Manchester around 3 days a week for What Emma Did content, events and meetings, and of course, all my friends and family are there.

However, I moved to a place called Newcastle under Lyme last year, where my boyfriend lives, therefore I switch between the two places.

It means that I have a new ‘in the middle’ place for when anyone wants to meet up with me during the weekend, which is no other than one of my favourite towns: Knutsford!

I spend a lot of time in South Manchester and Cheshire, but Knutsford is always my very favourite place. There are so many lovely little bars, restaurants, shops and salons that line it’s quaint little winding streets. And the Lost & Found is certainly one of them.

I love this place not only for its grand building and impeccable decor, but that it always delivers with extensive food and drink menus every season.

It’s fast become on of my main places to organise girly catch-ups. Therefore, last weekend was no exception…

Four of us met up on a Sunday just after midday to indulge in three courses of food and a couple of cheeky drinks, too. I have to admit (hangs head in shame) I had a couple of drinks out in Manchester for a friends birthday the night before and I felt a little worse for wear.

So it was copious pots of tea and still water for me! I left the cocktails and the Prosecco to the other girls. Sob sob.

I know I touched on it above, but I honestly feel like the Lost and Found is one of those places where you can’t help but find a few dishes that you’re stuck to choose from. The menu is always so long, with everything from starters and sharers, pastas and risottos, salads and pizzas, steaks, meats, fish dishes and then your classics.

I always drool at the pizza list, as they have some incredible options which combine spicy meats, fresh veggies and creamy cheeses. It has the be the Diavolo which always makes it into me ‘three dishes to choose from’ list (does anyone else do this? No? Just me?!)

The Diavolo sounds dreamy – Ibérico chorizo, spicy ‘Nduja, jalapeños, mozzarella, ricotta and mint. Mmmmmmm

As you can see, the menus are always so pretty to look at. They reflect this whole olde worlde, whimsical place, and as I previously mentioned, soooo many options. That’s what I like to see from a menu!

The cocktails are presented in a little cocktail and drinks book which looks like something you would pull out from the shelf in an old bookstore. Very precious and ‘kept’, with its old styled pages filled with traditional and new cocktails.

Sadly, I had to keep off them, but my friends had a couple of the gin based options as well as a good old glass of Prosecco. Isn’t that something you always have to do when the girls get together?

We sure do!

Right, lets get down to the most exciting bit: the food we ordered. I always try and order something I don’t have at home when I eat out, but then I see a pasta list and I’m just hooked. I eat copious amounts of pasta at home, and then go and order it when I’m out too as I’m just plain obsessed.

I swear I should have been born in Italy! Anyway… I ventured away from my norms for my starter, opting for the Chilli & Garlic Grilled Aubergine with hummus, rocket & radish salad and a sesame miso dressing.

The spiced aubergine was so tasty and full of flavour, working well with the layers of thick and creamy hummus that lay beneath it.

However, I thought I had chosen well until I got major food envy from the Crispy Duck Salad. One of my favourite dishes of all time is a crispy beef, chicken or duck meal, either with rice or as a salad.

I have no idea why I didn’t choose the Crispy Duck Salad, but when two of my friends did and it came out like this, all juicy and flavoursome with tender crispy strips, I almost died. It was a good job I loved my own dish, otherwise I’d have been asking to swap!

For £8, it comes with a shredded vegetable salad and hoisin dressing, and could easily pass as a main course.

The above dish is the Grilled Chicken Skewers, which comes in a rich satay sauce with cucumber, carrot, spring onion and coriander.

The presentation of all was impressive, and the starters came in a reasonable amount of time, giving us enough time to chat and catch up!

Now lets take a look at the main courses. I mentioned briefly that I got sucked in my the pastas – typically – but I did try to pick one I don’t usually recreate at home (basically I can’t make homemade ravioli at home sothat was enough of an excuse to order it…)

Two of my friends went for the Grilled Seabass which I feel was such a good choice it deserves a mention here. It comes served on a banana leaf with sticky coconut rice and a coconut, ginger & lemongrass sauce, and I have to say the plate presentation was lovely!

The scent that came with this dish was like an uplifting, fragrant Thai dish, and the Seabass was so tasty. A great dish for those who appreciate fish but are looking for a slight twist to the dish.

Then look at the size of this fish and chips dish! Chunky does not quite cut it. This Battered Cod and Triple Cut Chips dish comes served with pea & mint purée and seaweed tartare sauce, so it’s a very fancy version of your traditional chippy inspired meal.

The cod was just beautiful, and the batter was just the right amount of soft and crispy. The pea and mint puree really does make a different to this meal, making it a fabulous side to dip the thick cut chips into!

And massive fail for me: I’m sat here about to tuck into my Asparagus Ravilo, with crispy chorizo, asparagus spears, courgette ribbons and broad beans, made sure I got a photo for you all, then didn’t even take a close up one of the dish!

Hungry Horace over here just dived right in. Ooops. I can confirm this was a fresh, unique take on classic ravioli, with the crispy chorizo slices working well with the asparagus. I always appreciate a good pasta dish that isn’t overloaded with cheese and focuses more of the vegetables, meats and herbs that go into it.

This definitely does that…

I said I wasn’t going to have a dessert and my three friends looked at me like an oddball, so, you know. Blame peer pressure.

Either way, they were right, and I did not regret any bite of the Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Parfait with caramelised banana and caramel sauce. The caramelised banana combined with the creamy, rich nutty taste of the parfait was just heaven on a spoon. I urge you to try this!

The others dived into the White Chocolate Eaton mess which comes with vanilla cream, fresh raspberries, raspberry meringue and raspberry sorbet. I didn’t get to try any of this (girls and desserts means no waiting around – I was lucky enough to get a snap!) but the speed they polished it off did all the talking.

If you’re looking for a classy place for lunch or dinner with friends/partners/family in a beautiful little town, Lost and Found Knutsford is the one. It’s not far out from Manchester, and sits right beside the train station.

Prices are reasonable, and you can get real quality food combined with an extensive menu choice that will have you clocking up allll the options.

Thank you Lost & Found for looking after us. I know I’ll be back…

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