10 Essential Routines to Strengthen Your Nails

We use nails for almost everything. From typing on the phone and the PC to opening cans, scratching sticker off products, and sometimes even picking up things from the floor and much more. So we could say nails are essential for our well-being, and very useful parts of our hands.

But as we use nails for almost everything, it’s challenging to take care of them. That’s why it’s essential to strengthen and make sure your nails are always useful and beautiful.

You won’t like to have chipped, cracked, or splintered nails that don’t work for anything and at the same time look horrendous. So instead of letting that happen, you should have a set of routines to follow so you can strengthen your nails and keep them gorgeous in the process. Let’s see what WomenAngle have to say about helping to strengthen your nails…

Want to learn more about these routines? Then follow this guide further and find out!

1. Take Biotin Every Day

Biotin is probably the number 1 medication that helps nails stay healthy. It is a compound made of vitamin H and vitamin B7, and it’s something the body doesn’t produce, so we need to ingest it almost daily.

The primary function of biotin is to get into the nervous system and help with memory, fast-thinking, and more. But the real advantage comes to your hair and nails. Vitamin B helps to maintain your body in an optimum state – from your feet to your last strand of hair.

So if you want to keep your nails strong, good-looking and ready to tackle any job, then you need to take biotin daily.

2. Protect your Nails At All Times

Almost everything you do with your hands involves your nails. So you’ll have to be careful with them at all times. This is not only to ensure that you don’t damage them, but also to prevent the slightest but always harmful weakening effect.

For example, we recommend never soaking your nails in water for too much time. Instead, wear gloves or something that prevents direct contact with liquids. Even when washing, keeping your hands away from water as much as possible can be pretty useful in the long term.

This is useful because wet nails eventually become brittle. Water damages the nail cells and weakens them enormously. If you don’t keep them away from water, they will start cracking or just breaking.

When you do heavy work such as gardening, construction, sports, and other similar activities – taking care of your nails can be pretty tricky. So we recommend using your hands as tools as little as possible, so your nails stay safe for longer.

In the long run, it all comes down to keeping your nails away from liquids & prevent using them for any type of job. You’ll eventually have stronger & more useful nails.

Also, you should strengthen your nails in routine with nail strengtheners to make your nails healthy.

3. Nourish Yourself Correctly

There’s nothing healthier for your body than eating the right foods an drinking enough water. And when we say body, we mean all of it. That also includes the nails.

When you drink water, you nurture your skin, hair, mucus, organs, and of course, your nails with the precious liquid. This helps to retain moisture that prevents them from drying out and eventually breaking or cracking.

The same happens with your eating habits. It’s not useful for your nails if you eat only fats and sugars. You’ll need something balanced with lots of vitamins and minerals. Protein is always helpful for your nails, to strengthen them, and to make them grow longer.

So apart from everything else, a proper diet and water-drinking habit is always the first thing to consider. You won’t get better-nourished nails any other way.

4. Don’t Use Damaging Beauty Products

Products such as nail polishers and nail hardeners tend to have harmful chemicals that could weaken your nails over time. Instead, you should focus on products that are totally free of chemicals, if you can go for organic options that would be ideal.

Other products to get away from include nail gels, which could cause a problem growing your nails. Sometimes they may even cause peeling, which can weaken and create brittle nails that look horrible.

Some products can even produce cancer and other conditions. Gel polish, for example, is similar to tanning products on the skin, which alongside ultraviolet rays could cause adverse reactions on your nails and skin and produce carcinogens.

So before using any product, make sure you’re using something safe for your nails. You won’t like to eventually weaken your nails by trying to make them look good or even strengthening them with harmful chemicals. 

5. Don’t Use Polisher for a While

Using nail polisher is the best way to make your nails look fantastic. But if you use too much, your nails won’t be able to breathe, which causes weakened nails in the long run.

For that, we recommend only using polisher once up to twice a month only. And if you can completely forget about it for a few months, that would be even better.

Nail polisher prevents the nail from getting moisture, from breathing, and sometimes even from growing. And what’s even worse, some nail polishers contain dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, camphor, formaldehyde resin, or toluene which are pretty harmful chemicals that damage your nails in the long term.

So before you apply nail polisher, make sure you are using something safe. But most importantly, make sure you are letting your nails breathe & retain moisture for enough time. You won’t like to paint your nails and then find out brittles & cracks because you didn’t let them breathe.

6. Avoid Acetone & Other Polish Removers

You already know that nail polisher can damage your nails over time, but it’s not alone in nail products that could cause this. Other products such as nail polish removers with acetone can also be pretty harmful and produce dry & easy-to-break nails over time.

Acetone is one of the worst enemies of nails, as it dries them out and produces brittleness. If you are applying nail polisher to your nails, try to get them off with natural products when they start to peel off. In case they don’t come out quickly, you can use acetone – but only a little.

While using acetone is not the worst thing you can do, it is pretty harmful and could cause brittles, chipping, and even breaking. If you get to experience something like this with your nails, the best you can do is to stay away from acetone as much as you can. This also means not polishing your nails for at least 4 weeks.

7. Cut & File Your Nails the Right Way

No one wants their nails to grow to the point of looking like claws. But apart from looking awful, long nails are also prone to breaking, cracking, chipping or even splitting more easily than short nails – so keeping them on the right level is also healthy.

To do this, we recommend cutting and filing your nails consistently. At least once a week set up some time to take care of your nails and make sure they look good. But most importantly, make sure they stay strong and free of any danger.

When you have long nails, it is easier to break them while doing anything, and it’s also easier to get them dirty. So keeping them short will be ideal to have healthy & strong nails for long.

8. Use Cuticle Oil & Moisturisers

Cuticle oil is one of the most natural and healthiest ways you can add a protective seal to your nails. And you can use some of it every week to add a strong layer of protection so you can keep them strong and healthy.

Cuticle oil helps to keep bacteria away, it also helps to maintain moisture, and sometimes even prevents damage from harmful chemicals. So every time you remove polish or after applying some to your nails, remember to add some cuticle oil as well to add a protective layer.

Along with the cuticle oil, you could use a moisturizer. Coconut oil, for example, can be pretty useful to moisturize your nails and keel them even healthier. Along with cuticle oil, a moisturizer will retain high amounts of liquid that increase their strength in the long run.

9. Stay Away from Chemicals

Everything that has strong chemicals, from cleaning products to automotive oils & fuels, and many others – all of them can weaken your nails enormously.

Whenever you are cleaning your house using strong products, don’t forget to use some rubber gloves. Try to do the same when working inside your car or handling petroleum-based products, as they can pretty damaging to your nails.

As long as your nails don’t have any contact with these potentially harmful chemicals, you’ll keep them safe. So always remember to wear gloves or anything that keeps your hands away.

10. Know your Shampoo & Soap

We can’t tell you to stop using shampoo or soap – that would be the worst hygiene advice ever. But we could tell you to be careful with what kind of products you’re using – the wrong ones can actually cause damage in your nails too.

Some shampoos, like the ones for oily hair, can be detrimental. While they could cure your oily hair, they could also cause your nails to brittle or just weaken entirely. If you are using a shampoo like this and you see your nails drying out more than before, you’ll probably need to change shampoo or keep your hands away from it.

The same happens with soaps. Some soaps come with strong chemicals that are supposed to work as anti-bacterial properties or to get rid of grease. They may do so, but they could also damage your nails in the process.

Even hand sanitizers tend to be a little harmful to your nails. If you use too much of it, you may eventually dry them up and cause them to brittle or chip.

So every time you’re either taking a bath or washing your hands, make sure not to expose your hands to harmful products. The best you can do is to only use organic shampoos and soaps.

Always Take Care of your Nails!

It all comes down to always keeping your nails safe. Along with a proper diet and taking all the right precautions, you’ll maintain your nails strong for long without any side effect.

If you get to experience any brittle, cracking, chipping, or splitting in your nails, it means you need to act before it’s too late. With these routines, keeping your nails healthy and safe will be a piece of cake. So don’t hesitate and start taking care of them now!

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