Travel Treats: How to Stimulate the Senses

Life happens so quickly and takes so much out of you that these days I’m starting to find truth in cliché advice, like ‘a cup that’s empty has nothing left to pour’. I know, cringe, right? But it’s true.

Seems like even our free time isn’t our own, with TV show catch-ups and social media demanding more minutes than we have spare just so that we can keep up to date with the chit-chat with our friends or co-workers.

We may be exhausted, but we all know what’s happening with the Kardashians and we all saw the latest celebrity twitter rows, kinda thing.

Well, I need a break. And not just any normal sun sea and sand sort of break that I’d be expected to post an endless stream of updates about, cocktail in hand. No. I want adventure. Surprise. Intrigue. I want real fun.

Witness the Niagara Falls

My friend travelled Europe and wrote a travel diary about it. After visiting seven different countries and seeing some of Europe’s major sights, he says the thing that blew him away the most was the sight of the Alps as he passed through Switzerland via train.

Why? He says there’s something impressive about the natural world that you can’t put into words. And apparently, the bigger the better.

Looking further afield than Europe, I’ve found Niagara Falls. Marriott on the Falls has all the info I needed. Boat rides into the actual Niagara basin, shopping malls, sky tower dining, a nightly lights and fireworks show, and even a casino for after hours fun. This place has it all.

Aurora Borealis

OK. Some of you will know exactly what this is. Some of you will be squinting at the words on the page and making mouth sounds like a baby trying to roar like a lion. Say it with me. A-roar-a bore-ee-aliss. See, that wasn’t hard now, was it. But what is it?

You may know it as the northern lights, or you might know it as those weird green and red and blue streaks in the night sky that you’ve seen in films and probably didn’t even know were a real thing. Where’s the best place to see the northern lights? Take your pick.

The only real criteria is that it has to be not just a little bit northern, but really super-duper northern. Think the upper reaches of Finland or Sweden or Greenland. The Aurora Sky Station in Lapland offers guided tours, complete with dining and a chairlift – take the mountain chairlift to over 900 metres above sea level for the ultimate view!

Ice Caves in Iceland

Vatnajökull is the biggest chunk of ice in Europe (no idea how to pronounce this one!). No matter how big you think a big chunk of ice can get, this thing is bigger. Why is that important? Because there’s an information centre, a visitor’s centre, and guided ice-cave tours within Vatnajökull that look like a somehow-well-lit tour of the inside of a cloud.

This is the kind of pop-up ice bar photo many of your friends will no doubt have had taken, but the real actual thing. Bigger better and way more ice!

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