Your Family Holiday Checklist: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

The big summer break is almost upon us! And whether you’re jetting off to an all inclusive water park in Europe for two weeks, you’re planning on discovering another corner of the country with your family in tow or you’re visiting family on the other side of the world; there’s nothing more exciting than spending quality time with those you love and making plenty of memories.

However, we all know how stressful planning a family holiday can be – unlike a romantic trip for two to Italy… (check out Opera Tickets Italy for the latest prices) with so much to remember and to pack not just for yourself but for your partner and your children, it’s no wonder arranging a holiday is so stressful!

With all this in mind, I’ve gathered 6 things you shouldn’t leave home without before your summer holiday! Good luck!

A sun protection pack

This one might seem pretty obvious, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of parents who have to find sun protection items when they reach their destination because they’ve forgotten their own!

Get a bag and fill it with a high factor sun cream – ensure there is enough for the duration of your holiday – sun hats for all the children, sunglasses and reusable bottles of water. These can remain empty for your flight and be used when you reach your destination. 

Entertainment for the kids

Whether you’re planning to be in the car for a couple of hours, or in the air for many more, keeping the kids entertained and happy isn’t always easy. They’re going to be uncomfortable and probably argue. So be prepared.

Pack their tablets, a book or two – sometimes even a pad and a pencil is enough to keep them occupied for a while! If there’s room, then a couple of small toys from home will provide them with distraction and comfort.


There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry – apart from your little ones feeling hungry! Make sure you don’t leave the house without some filling snacks for them to enjoy on the journey. Rice cakes, breadsticks, crackers, crisps and fruit.

Your travel documents

Again, it sounds obvious, but you’ll be amazed how many families accidentally leave all of these at home! Keep your passports, insurance documents, visas, IDs, drivers licenses etc all together and in a bag that will be easily accessed when you reach the check in desk. It’s also a good idea to check that all your passports are in date before you travel!

Sanitising products

Travelling can be a grimy business. So, make sure you’re prepared, and you can keep those nasty bugs and germs at bay. Products like hand gel, and sanitising wipes are perfect to slip into your handbag and pull out before the kids eat their snacks or after they’ve used a public bathroom.

Your tech check list

Having your tech in full working order is pretty important so make sure you pack chargers, the adapters, and even your headphones for all the devices that are coming with you.

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