Work, Play, Shop!

It has just been revealed that the average amount of time spent shopping has dropped from 0.73  hours in 2008, to 0.63 hours. The reason behind this? People are working longer hours and putting in extra work at weekends, therefore just don’t have the same urgency to pop out to the shops anymore (I would like to clarify that I don’t fall into this majority, my average shopping time is usually around 3 hours!).

However, I have to admit that after putting in the overtime when I started work at 9am usually means I’m  just too eager to get into my car and drive straight out of the city than to trawl around the stores.

So hallelujah to online shopping, nothing beats a good old shopping spree sat in your pjama’s in the comfort of your own home. is usually the first one I’ll check out, as I always find it covers all the latest styles for such good value. Their customer service is fantastic, delivery is quick, and their collections just keep growing and growing! 

Reveal magazine are currently searching for the on-line retailer that offers the best on-line service, the best red carpet looks and the best bargain prices, and seeing as Missguided clocks up my hours spent on online shopping, they definitely had my vote! If you fill out the voting form you could also be in for a chance of winning a luxury beauty goodie back worth over £200! 

Visit the link below to get your vote in, and continue to clock up your hours of shopping time with the help of!

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