Grunge Glamour Is My New Religion

When it comes to fashion I’m usually quite open – I’ll go all girly when the romantic trend comes in, I’ll kit myself out in brights when the neon colours come back around, and I’ve even been known to follow the ‘casual’ trends that involve oversized t-shirts, boyfriend jeans and – shock horror – sneaker style shoes. This is quite daring may I add, coming from a girl who doesn’t even own a pair of trainers.

Anyway, there is one trend I usually stay away from, I avoid it like the plague. It’s not because I don’t like it, it just doesn’t fit in with my style and look, therefore I’m never drawn to anything that falls under it. So when Grunge Glamour decided to show it’s face around the fashion world for Autumn/Winter 2010 trends, I wasn’t very impressed. Rock n Roll logo t-shirts, skulls motifs and spiky accessories are all heading back to the catwalk.

However, my mind has finally been changed and It’s all down to edgy brand Religion. I spent some time looking at Religion’s new products and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their unique range of accessories. They make funky little gifts, with purses, belts and bags personalised with chains, studs and metallic finishing for that rock chick look.

They currently have different ranges, and I am smitten with their Heavy Metal range. Chunky belts are wrapped with chains to give an eccentric appearance, and bags feature metal embellishments to make your handbag really stand out. At the same time, all of Religions grungy accessories have sleek metal straps and eye-catching finishes to give a grown up glamour effect.

Take a look at some of their newest accessories below and see why their Heavy Metal range is definitely my new religion! Rock on Grunge Glamour!

Religion feisty Knuckle Duster Bag, £50

Religion Purse with Skull and Zip Detail

Religion Rebellion Fold Over Clutch

Religion Heavy Metal Waist Belt

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