Winter is Coming: Time to Revisit These 5 Beauty Products

You change up your wardrobe with every season, but do you do the same with your skincare cosmetics? Some people aren’t aware that your skin’s needs change with the weather, but trust me when I say they do!

Cracked skin and blotchy complexions hang at the precipice of cold temperatures and dry air. If you run the heater or have a desktop humidifier, you might make your skin woes even worse. Check out this guide on how to choose the top humidifier for your needs if this is something that could benefit you.

It’s time to open the vanity cabinet and take a look at these 5 products to ensure they’re filled with all the hydrating and nourishing ingredients your skin needs to make it through the worst of winter. By the time the snow melts, your complexion will shine brightly and appear reborn for spring!


Over the summer, you spend tons of time outside breaking a sweat in the sun. This causes your pores to clog with dirt and debris, and we all know what happens next: breakouts – bad ones.

To clear up our skin and maintain that perfectly bronzed complexion, we tend to grab heavy duty cleansers that contain active ingredients like salicylic acid that penetrates deep into pores and kills the bacteria that have made themselves at home. While this is an effective way to combat acne over summer, such strong ingredients might be too harsh on your delicate, dry skin during the winter months.

Swap it out with a gentle, milky cleanser that can purify your skin without upsetting its pH balance and throwing it out of sorts. Those with especially sensitive skin might consider taking it even easier by using micellar water to remove dirt and impurities.


Perhaps out of everything on this list, your winter moisturizer is the most important. When the temperature plummets and the air becomes super dry, it essentially draws all the moisture out of your skin leaving you brittle to the bone. Before you know it, you’re battling a rough, scaly complexion that flakes and peels — not a good look.

To keep your skin soft and supple, it’s absolutely imperative to moisturize every morning and night. Ideally, the prime time to hydrate is right after you take a hot shower. Like the air outside, the steam will also draw out the moisture from your skin but because your pores will still be open, allowing the moisturizer to dive right in and get to hydrating action.

Whereas light, oil-free serums could do the trick during humid months, you’re going to want to upgrade to a thicker, heavier cream this winter season.


When your skin dries out, you need to slough off the dead cells to reveal the new, youthful layer beneath the surface. To do so, you need to use an exfoliant that’s tough on dead skin but gentle to your complexion.

Pick up an all-natural cleanser that does the job using granular, organic ingredients. A few of the most popular options include softening sugar, soothing oatmeal, and revitalizing coffee grinds. You can even make your own DIY exfoliator at home!

During the summer, you could get by with exfoliating once a week. We recommend increasing this to three times a week over winter to improve your cell turnover rate and ensuring your skin stays buttery smooth.


Here’s a little secret: the sun’s still shining no matter how gray the sky is during winter months. Its harsh UV rays can penetrate our atmosphere, and they have no trouble making their way through a little cloud coverage. If you think you’re safe from sun exposure due to inclement weather, think again. To make matters worse, those that live in snowy areas have twice the problem to protect against, as the snow actually refracts the sun rays that hit the ground, bouncing them back up towards your face.

Make sure you apply mineral powder sunscreen anytime you plan on being exposed to the sun for 15 minutes or more. Chemical formulas typically contain harsh ingredients that can aggravate your skin in its sensitive condition.

Lip Balm

Last but not least, look at your lip balm to ensure the formula lacks astringent ingredients such as alcohol (used as a preservative) and fragrances (used for scent and taste). All-natural beeswax is a much better substitute for a luscious pout that’s neither cracked nor flaked!

Try out these five products and your skin will be prepared to weather even the roughest of storms!

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