The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet Plan

When it comes to planning and looking to the future, there are usually three kinds of people in the world. One person has their whole week planned out from the start. Every meeting, work obligation, or birthday party is instantly put into their calendar.

The second type of person may have a calendar or planner somewhere in their room where events are sporadically written down.

The third type of person just flies by the seat of their pants. Planning is restrictive and it’s much more fun to just make it up as you go. It will all work out eventually!

Usually, the idea of sticking to a meal plan can be difficult for any type of person. There are just so many different types of diets and meal plans out there that it seems to be a second job to just go and look for one.

That’s one of the reasons why the Meditteranean diet is such a fantastic meal plan to follow. It’s easy to pick up and you’re going to find everything you need in your local grocery store.

Below, we’re going to run through the rest of the benefits of following a Meditteranean diet here.

It’s Inexpensive

Some diets you may find require you to go to that one health food store all the way across town to buy all of these special ingredients to make very specific dishes.

With the Meditteranean diet, you’ll recognize just about everything on the list:

  • Lean meats
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables
  • Olive Oil
  • Nuts
  • Red wine

You’re not going to have to go anywhere special in order to find all the ingredients for your new favorite dishes. Everything you need is going to be in your local supermarket and it’s a diet you can easily follow at just about any restaurant.

It’s Not Super Restrictive

You might find other diets seem to scream NO X NUTRIENT but when it comes to the Meditteranean diet, you’re encouraged to eat around. The only “restrictive” part is you should be monitoring the amount of fish you’re eating, as you’ll want to limit to around two times per week, making sure you’re avoiding fish that are high in mercury.

The things you will be avoiding are what you already should be avoiding, lots of red meat, processed foods, sugar, salt, and foods high in fat.

Other than that, you’ll find just about every food group around. Now, that doesn’t mean you can eat pasta for every meal as moderation is key. Even though red wine is part of the diet, you’ll want to limit consumption to 3-4 times per week.

It’s Great for Your Heart

There’s no doctor here, but it doesn’t take a medical professional to know that your heart is pretty important. Something about keeping you alive and all.

Anyway, following the Meditteranean diet is vital for your heart health. Studies have shown that following the diet reduces the risk of heart disease while also lessening the possibility of having a stroke. With these benefits, the Meditteranean diet has also been shown to help extend your life expectancy.

Helps With an Aging Brain

As you get older, you naturally lose some of your cognitive abilities. Your memory may not be as sharp as before or as quick-witted. Sometimes, however, it can take a turn for the worst and some adults may experience dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Meditteranean diet has been shown to combat the effects of an aging brain. The diet can help improve your vascular health, increasing blood flow to the brain. Now, you may not be ready for a round of Jeopardy! when you’re in your 70s, but it’s going to delay many of the effects of those terrible diseases.

Helps Prevent Cancer

While the definitive science is still out on the exact link, many studies have shown that continued adherence to the Meditteranean diet can help fight off cancer.

In past studies, there have been 15 cancers linked whose effects and mortality rates have been reduced with the Meditteranean diet, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer.

Even though there isn’t completely solid evidence, you’ll still be doing yourself a favor by following the diet to improve your overall health.

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  1. November 18, 2019 / 9:49 am

    Fish, olive oil and wine are the “essentials” in mediterranean kitchen. Although fish go better with white wine (a funny “fact” – fish has to swim 3 times – first in water, then in oil and finally in wine). If you find quality ingredients the mediterranean diet is truly amazing thing.
    Also, thanks for the article 🙂

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