Why Tangle Angel Brushes Are My Hair Saviour

Every time I go to a hair salon, there is one part I really dread: the bit when the hairdresser tries to brush your soaking wet hair which has all knotted and gone into a matted mess.

The reason I dread it so much is because even though I have knotty hair, I always avoid this stage when I do my hair myself at home. Because my hair is fine in texture and also bleached, it has a tendancy to get knotty if I let it. But I wash and condition my hair, leave it to dry in a towel for 10-15 minutes, then run through a Tangle Angel brush lightly, along with my fingers.

I then blow dry my hair without a nozzle, using a hairdryer pointing downwards, before tipping my head upside down and blasting it dry. The whole time, I’m using a combination of lightly running my fingers through it, and brushing with the Tangel Angel brush.

When I’m done, I have no knots whatsoever, and there has certainly been no pulling or tugging of my hair in the process. I put it down to the brush being a dream at getting through my hair before it has the chance to knot even more.

So, whats so special then about this brush I’m raving on about?

I have two brushes from Tangle Angel, which as you can see, are both the prettiest, shiniest Rose Gold. One is the Tangle Angel Pro, the larger, professional detangling brush which is the new revolutionary detangling hairbrush for the brand.

It’s a scientifically developed, blade-shaped bristle brush which flex in opposing directions, so they help to gently loosen tangles, leaving hair soft, smooth and easy to manage. It’s also got a unique anti static earthing strip to minimise static and reduce flyaway hair.


Heat resistant to 120 ◦C, the PRO also makes a great blow-drying brush and is suitable for all hair types. Plus, not only is it super pretty to look at, but also easy to use and highly functional. Tangle Angel Pro can be held around the wings for greater control and feel, or by the handle for everyday combing and detangling.

The other one is the Compact, another professional compact detangling brush from Tangle Angel, but in a more compact style for the handbag. With a sleek, stylish finish, Tangle Angel Pro Compact is the perfect brush for detangling on-the-go.

Again, it’s been scientifically developed, with those blade-shaped bristles to flex in opposing directions, gently loosening tangles, leaving hair soft, smooth and easy to manage.

The Pro Compact also comes with a detachable protective cover and a built-in mirror so it’s literally now living in my everyday handbag.

I’ve been finding these brushes a dream for helping me create a really soft, loose beach wave look. So many people have been asking me how I style it as per the photos below, so I’m literally going to leave you with the most simplest steps to do this. So so easy!

  • Step 1: Wash and dry the hair, using the Tangle Angel brush as well as your fingers to get rid of any knots
  • Step 2: Part hair in a middle parting or slightly off centre. Then, take a hair wand. I use the curling wand from Cloud 9. As long as it’s that long tube shape and it heats up real high!
  • Step 3: There is no art or method to this. I just simply grab sections of hair, wrap around the wand, hold for 15 second, and let go. Leave the curly strand until the whole head has been waved.
  • Step 4: Take the Tangle Angel brush and lightly brush over the whole hair. Use your fingers a little if you need to.
  • Step 5: Spritz lightly with hairspray, and voila!

The Tangle Angel Pro is £18.95 and the Tangle Angel Compact is also £18.95. You can find them here. 

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