Lifestyle: Small Updates To Your Home Which Make a Big Difference

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a home inspired blog post, so today I’ve decided to put once together about a few small changes to the home that you may find really useful.

For those who don’t know, I also live in Newcastle-Under-Lyme as well as Manchester, so living across two cities can get a bit hectic. The last thing I need is to come home to a messy, unorganised house. Which is why I’ve been updating both homes to take on features which help to keep both my ‘homes’ smart, sassy and tidy looking – whether it’s 11pm at night I come rolling in, or I’m setting up for a day working at home…

1. Invest in professional looking blinds

I like my privacy, but I hate closing curtains, if that makes sense. Instead, I’ve invested in smart looking blinds at both homes to give the living room some depth, but also that privacy I need when it comes to shutting them.

However, as you can see from the photos above and below, I’ve opted for a more heavy duty look – actual shutters which are wooden and give a real ‘frame’ to my bay window. I was basically inspired by Plantation Shutters, which give the ultimate light control and are super easy to maintain. Because they are so thick and chunky, cleaning is a breeze – I just whip a cloth or duster over them.

Because these are of a high quality, you can expect to pay a lot for them, although there are some retailers out there in which you can find affordable window shutters at fab prices, yet they still look classy and quality.

At my other house, I have lighter designed internal window shutters, which hang vertical. Because the interior of my Manchester house is very light-grey, silvers, fresh creams etc, and very ‘modern, these white shutters work so much better.

However, at my other home, the chunkier wood finish fits in with the more homely, country cottage feel.


2. Don’t forget about bathroom blinds

The neatness and chic styling of blinds shouldn’t stop at your living room and kitchens – they can finish off a bathroom perfectly. A bathroom is usually a simple, understated room of the house which I like to connect with being relaxed, calm, yet also indulgent. Having a clean, stylish design really does help me feel like this when I enter this room.

Windows also have to deal with lots of humidity, heat and water, so it’s good to think about extra protection for them, as well as design.

For me, this is currently a work-in-progress, where at my Newcastle-Under-Lyme home, my boyfriend and I are currently getting the bathroom upgraded. We’re currently looking at Direct Blinds, who have window dressings which are able to cope with humidity and heat, as well as having a vast range of stylish and moisture-resistant roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

Not only do they do the jobs mentioned above and look sleek, they giving owners the privacy they deserve, too.

3. Opt for a corner sofa

The day I switched up my two seater and armchair for a snugly grey corner sofa was potentially the day that changed the look and feel of my home. If you live in a small house and struggle for space, a corner sofa instantly adds that ‘cosy’ feel to the room, and is super for practicality.

I chose one with oversized cushions and a fresh grey colour palette to give it a more ‘classy’, modern feel. Corner sofa’s instantly look inviting – and more so than two separate suites.

4. Use candles for decoration

I don’t feel like my home is my haven without candles dotted around the room, lit or unlit. There’s something about the ambience a dimly lit candle gives, and the scent can really improve my mood or aid relaxation.

When I looked into interior design, I noticed that all the living rooms and bedrooms I was drawn too incorporated either large pillar style candles, or smart little pots on the mantle piece. They just add that instant cute-ness and sweet ambience to any room, but living rooms in particular for me.

5. Add mirrors where possible

When I come home after a busy day and my living room/house might be a little untidy, I freak out more because the rooms are such small spaces. However, when my rooms are given the illusion of more space – created by adding mirrors – I feel completely less stressed out.

Whether it’s a large landscape mirror above your fire place (the best trick for enlarging a room) or or cute hanging mirrors on a gallery wall, or hang up cut pieces of mirrored acrylic if mirrors are too expensive for you.

They are just 5 little tips which make me feel a lot calmer when coming home to two different houses. It might sound a little silly when I say that they way a room looks can alter my mood, but these hacks really do help me create a haven of ‘tidiness’ and clarity.

Hope these help!

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