Why I Totally Recommend Fantastic Services For Deep Cleaning My Home

This morning, I just posted about my recent home clean with Fantastic Services, who cover the Manchester area. I feel like at a time like this, when everyone is spending all their time indoors, I couldn’t be more grateful for their fabulous work.

I went into self isolation around 10 days ago, which is earlier than a lot of people I know. I had a day out with friends in Manchester on the Saturday, and was surprised at how busy and crowded the trains and public transport was, as well as the city itself.

Somehow it didn’t feel right. And from that Sunday, I’ve stayed home with my partner. Of course, I’ve had to pop out every now and again for food and supplies. But you’ll mainly find me locked inside!

I had the house deep cleaned on a 2 hour cleaning slot just days before I went into quarantine. And for this, I’m so thankful! The team brought all their equipment, so you don’t have to feel ashamed if you have a rattling hoover or one that isn’t very super-powdered!

I’ve purposely put the photos up on the blog post which show those hard working hoover marks, deep cleaning those carpets and rugs.

A home cleaning service was something I felt I should pop up on this blog, as it’s not anything I have invested in before, but always knew I should do. I mean, how many of us have the time to dedicate to regular deep cleaning? Home cleaning services have been big news for a long time, with companies like fastendoftenancycleaning.co.uk and more local ones growing in popularity. And after my experience, I can totally understand why. Let’s explore how I found it…

My Experience with Fantastic Services, Manchester

For me, I’m having the team come on a monthly basis. Two extremely dedicated and hard working cleaners arrive at 8 am on a week day, and blitz the whole house by 10 am. Not only does the house look squeaky clean, neat, tidy and cleansed, the rooms have a lovely fresh scent to them.

If you haven’t yet considered a deep cleaning service, now is potentially the best time to be more aware of them than ever before. Especially so if you own a workspace, or an office, where cleaning and decontamination services are key. The same can be said about schools or retail units, in which maybe a company like Green Facilities might work best for you.

I love coming into my home straight after a deep clean session, as I’m always greeted with sparkling, dazzling floors. Mopping floors is just a task that causes so many inconveniences with me usually (when out and about and travelling with work), so it’s a god send to have it done for me.

If you’re looking at using a home cleaning service in the Manchester area – or anywhere else in the country as Fantastic Service covers many postcode areas – you can get £10 in your account if you sign up through my referral. And although you may not be wanting a home cleaner right now while the UK is pretty much on lock down, how nice will it be to treat your home to a full clean after weeks of staying in, once this has blown over a little? Head to the referral link here, and the code is WHATEMMADID for £10 credit.

Why I Love Using Fantastic Services

  1. They bring all their own equipment, from the mop bucket to the hoover, and all cleaning products provided. So if you’re worried you are close to running out of your Zoflora or your hoover isn’t quite up to speed, rest assured.
  2. You can book in whenever you like using the online service, choosing the length of the clean, and whatever day or time suits.
  3. You can also use them for other handy jobs, like window cleaning, oven cleaning, and gardening
  4. The service is super responsive if you have any issues or need any questions answered.
  5. So far, can’t fault the friendly team and the professional service!

Let me know if you have any questions, and to see how much I rave about them, I share a lot of their cleaning content over on my Instagram which you can check out below…

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