BeautyWorks The Waver Tutorial and Review

So my other half bought me ‘The Waver’ from Beauty Works for Christmas, and I can shamefully say I have only just taken it out of the box. I kept thinking I would use it for an occasion, as I’ve mostly been working from home this year (before Coronoavirus came into play) and just haven’t gave my hair too much attention!

Anyway, I finally decided I wanted to give myself the pleasure of rocking some flowing mermaid waves, therefore I filmed my first go at using The Waver especially for my YouTube channel.

I’ve also shared a post all about this styling tool over on my Instagram, which you can find below.

How To Use Beauty Works The Waver

To use Beauty Works The Waver styling tool, it follows the most simple instruction. You simply take the section of hair to style, and place it inside the clamp towards the top (kinda like the old days of crimping). I hold it there for around 4-5 seconds, as it depends on your hair type and thickness, and then release.

Then, move the clamp down, and clamp again, below where you have just clamped. I’m not sure if ‘clamp’ is the word I should be using, but that is pretty much what it does! You simply repeat with all sections of hair, until the desired look is achieved.

I’ve embedded the youtube video so you can see me working the tool all around my hair, creating the crimpy mermaid wave look!

As you the Instagram pictures and thoughts, take a look below.

Overall Thoughts

I have to say that I was a little dubious about using the product at first as I felt it would work great on those with thick, luscious locks, but not so much on my fine hair. However, although I still think those with thicker hair rock the mermaid look better than I, this works well no matter what your hair type.

It’s about figuring out how to use it best. For example, if you have fine, flyaway, bleached hair like me, the secret I found is to not clamp too close to the root. If you do, you kinda get a big kink which looks more obvious on fine hair, and the front bits of your hair will kink really high up and kinda just look a little too crimped. I found since playing around with The Waver since this video, that the higher up I clamp, the more it makes my hair look finer.

I like to start around 2-3 inches away from my root, but again, totally personal preference!

Where Can I Buy The Waver?

You can buy The Waver at Beauty Works here.

Click to watch the tutorial below!

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