Which Countries are Unsafe to Travel To?

Aside from North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries where armed conflicts are present, there are other countries that are still considered unsafe for travel. Sadly, these countries also contain some of the most interesting and amazing places on planet Earth.

As I often try to look at visiting some fantastic parts of the Earth, I realised there’s a lack of knowledge out there with safe/unsafe places. So I decided to put together some research I found!

The countries listed above and below are considered unsafe based on its security and health factors, the political condition of the country as well as environmental factors. Based of these criteria, some of the countries that are unsafe to travel to include:

  • Pakistan – the country has one of the highest terrorist threats around the world along with Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who want to go to Pakistan should think twice. Most, if not all, insurers does not cover Pakistan in their worldwide travel insurance policies. 
  • Mali – is dangerous in many ways. It has one of the highest homicide rates in the world plus a lot more. An unstable government and poor healthcare system does not make Mali a tourist magnet. So think twice before even thinking of going there.
  • El Salvador – like Mali, this South American nation also belongs to the Top Ten highest homicide rates. The social unrest is very serious that a lot of citizens have sought asylum in the United States over the years.
  • Burkina Faso – terrorist attacks and daily shootouts make this African nation a non-no destination, no matter how adventurous you are. In 2018, 16 people, including foreigners, were dead after terrorists attack the French Embassy.
  • Venezuela – the civil unrest in Venezuela has been spiraling downwards making it an unsafe place to visit. It’s undergoing both security and political imbalance further plunging the country into chaos.
  • Syria – once considered a beautiful place in the Middle East, chaos continues to reign in Syria. The military presence of Russia, the USA, and others make it one of the most volatile places in the world.
  • Somalia – piracy, kidnapping, homicide. These are some of the problems happening in Somalia and no matter which country you are from, Somalia remains a dangerous place for tourists.

These are just some of the unsafe countries all over the world. However be careful of Europe because there are places in Europe that are considered unsafe to go to and that insurers do not include them in their worldwide travel insurance policies. Some of these unsafe European countries include:

  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Morocco

With that in mind, it also means that despite its name — worldwide travel insurance — it does not cover all countries of the world. Before purchasing a travel insurance policy, make sure to ask your insurer first which countries are included and not.

If you are taking a gap year and will be traveling for a long time, you might consider taking a multi-trip worldwide travel insurance. Although insurance is not a legal requirement when you travel, it protects you from things that you do not anticipate happening.

So don’t wait for something to happen before getting one. Visit your local travel insurance company and request a quote.

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