5 Things You Must Avoid To Attract Ghost or Spirits

With Halloween just recently being here, it’s usually the time where people celebrate the day of the dead or get a little spooky.

It is where ghost stories come to life again and every house will have had their unique spooky decorations up, with all the kids roaming around wearing their best Halloween costumes. This event is super fun for everyone – especially for those people who love horror.

What is the history of Halloween? Well, all of this started in Samhain, which is a Gaelic festival that points out the ending of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year or winter.

Normally, this time of the year there are a lot of ghost sightings since it said that the realm between the dead and the living are opened and if you’re afraid of them then these are the things you must avoid.

Avoid keeping your forehead covered

According to Chinese theories, humans are capable of releasing powerful yang energy and this yang energy is the reason why some people can communicate or see spirits. The strongest place of the human body that releases yang energy is the forehead that means if you don’t want to communicate or see spirits you need to avoid covering your forehead.

Covering your forehead with a handkerchief or even just by using your hair will make your yang energy unable to go out which means it will increase the chance that you will encounter lost spirits. So if you are too afraid to meet or see one you better not cover your forehead so that your yang energy can protect you.

Avoid turning your head towards the person who is calling you

Since there are three points of the source of light from a human body and one of that is the forehead which was already been discussed, the other remaining two points are your shoulders. When someone is trying to call you or pat your shoulder, avoid turning your head but instead turn or look to the person who is calling you using your entire body.

Turning just your head only will make the yin and yang energies unbalance and the problem with this one is that you will be vulnerable to spirits and other paranormal entities. So you need to be careful about how you use your three-point of light on your bodies to protect yourself from encountering these unwanted guests.

Avoid wearing black and red clothing

Colors can also be a source of negative energy and there are two powerful colors that you need to avoid if you don’t want to communicate with the dead people. These two colors are red and black, wearing these two bright colors will get the attention of the majority of lost spirits because they will think that you are trying to communicate with them.

You also need to avoid using black nail polishing since black nails are associated with death so try using some lively nail polishing colors and make-up but also try not to look like a clown. Spirits can be very attentive to color so choose your choice of color wisely.

Never leave your newly washed clothes outside your house overnight

A superstitious belief that you might need to try of you don’t want to have a bad spirit roaming around your house. According to stories, hanging your clothes outside at night can attract lost souls it is like sending some invitation for a spirit to visit you.

They say that some spirits might also try and wear your clothes and they will be able to go inside your house once you bring your clothes in. Other people say that this is not true but there’s no harm in trying so if you don’t feel living with a lost spirit then just don’t do this.

Avoid leaving your door and windows open at night

Not just for security purposes but also for anti-ghost purposes also. It is believed that leaving your door open especially the main one will invite negative energy and unwanted bad spirits. Same as your windows, you need to shut them before going to sleep.


There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid encountering lost souls or ghosts and these are just some of them. Ghosts and spirits are all unpredictable and you don’t know when you will be able to see one. If you happen to see one, just keep calm and try to think about how you can escape it and always think that you are more powerful than them if you believe it.

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