What You Can Do to Your House That Always Holds Heat in Summer

It’s not new news that nobody likes too much heat. Even though our bodies have processes like sweating that prevent us from overheating, we still can’t stand the heat.

That’s why air conditioners and refrigerators are some of the best things to ever be invented. But then, even with these advances of technology, our homes still get annoyingly hot, especially during the summer.

It turns out that some houses get hotter than others. In fact, some houses are actually built to heat up from the inside. If your home was built with this model, then it’s no wonder that the summer is always so hot for you.

Here are some of the things that make houses heat up and what you can do about it.

Tackle draught

In some home designs, the room gets hot immediately after you turn off the air conditioner, even if you had it on full blast. This is because of a phenomenon known as draught. Draught is a current of air, and it can find its way through several vents and spaces in your home. When you notice that your house heats up quickly, it’s because it rapidly gains hot air while losing cool air.

You can try sealing up gaps in doors, windows, and even walls to reduce the effect of this, and to keep your house cool for longer.

Lack of insulation

Insulation is crucial because it keeps temperatures constant. Many of the things around us have insulation. For example, the handles and covers of our cooking pots are insulated, and that’s why we can pick them up without getting burned. Unfortunately, the oven tray isn’t insulated, and you’ll still have to wear an oven mitt before bringing out the cookies.

When the walls of your home lack insulation, heat tends to seep in through the walls. Because nothing’s stopping it, it moves from outside where there’s an abundance of heat to inside which is much cooler. It does this until the inside is just as hot as outside. Since you don’t want that, insulating your walls can be a good idea.

You can either insulate your walls yourself or call professionals. The goal is to ensure that the task is done properly, so that you can enjoy a cool interior, even in the summer.

Wrong window orientation

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In areas where the temperature is notorious for rising significantly, this is put into consideration when building the house. The architect designs the house such that the windows are either facing north or south. If they face the east or west, they’ll get much more direct sunlight, and with sunlight comes the heat. This is even worse in the summer when closing the windows aren’t enough.

There isn’t much you can do about the orientation of your house, short of selling it and moving out. However, you can put up blinds and close them when the sun is high. That way, less heat radiates into your home. Another option is to get a patio. You can find an equinox louvered roof dealer and get a lovely patio for your home. That way, you can retreat to the patio when it gets hot.

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