Push Present Ideas for Your Partner

It goes pretty much without saying that carrying a baby is hard work, and that giving birth to one is even harder. Women who go through this process deserve every bit of kudos we can provide.

If your partner is about to give birth, or has just done so, you can show your appreciation by giving her a ‘push present.’ We don’t mean funny baby onesies. This is serious business.

A push present is a gift you give to your wife or partner after the birth of your child. It’s a token of recognition and appreciation for the experience they’ve gone through, and in recognition of her new role as a mom. It’s called a ‘push’ present in reference to natural labor, but women who went through the cesarean section absolutely deserve one, too. Major surgery is also a huge deal!

Traditionally, push presents are jewelry, but you can choose any gift that makes your partner feel loved and appreciated, and that appropriately commemorates the occasion.

Here are a few ideas:

Spa day

Childbirth is tough on the body, and new babies can mean sleepless nights, endless worry, and no time to even shower. A spa day is an excellent choice for a push present as your partner can take a break from the stresses of new parenthood and give her body some TLC. Make sure to book a treatment such as a massage or facial, as well as getting her access to the spa facilities.

Sparkly jewelry showing off the baby’s birthstone is a guaranteed winner in the realm of push presents. Blue Nile has a variety of vivid stones set in earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Are you expecting a March arrival? It would be hard to top this aquamarine and diamond dazzler, set in 18K white gold. It’s also available with peridot, opal, or sapphire.

Baby’s birthstone

Each month has a different designated birthstone, and jewelry featuring your baby’s birthstone makes an ideal push present. Expecting an April baby? That means diamonds, and September babies get sapphires. You’ll be able to easily find the full list online.

Name necklace

Give your partner the chance to keep the baby close to her heart even when they’re apart with a nameplate necklace of the baby’s name. Many companies will offer additional personalization such as metal, font, and color. This might be one for after the delivery, especially if you haven’t chosen your baby’s name yet!

At-home pampering kit

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift, think outside the box with an at-home pampering kit packed with small yet thoughtful items such as pajamas, luxury toiletries and skincare products, and a beautiful blanket that both mom and baby can snuggle up in.

A vacation

It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive or exotic. You can stay close to home, but a short getaway can be a dream present. It can be one to save until you’re comfortable leaving the baby with relatives.

However, you can always book it in advance, so you know you’ve got a vacation to look forward to. Just make sure you do it before the baby goes to college!

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