What Are Stylish Aussie Women Wearing to the Office?

Looking good in the summer can be quite challenging. It’s kind of hard to think about fashion and combining clothes for a perfect outfit, not to mention doing your hair and makeup.

When it’s a million degrees outside, it’s safe to say that merely leaving the house should earn you some sort of a medal. However, there are standards to live up to and dress codes to honor, especially when it comes to going to work. Summer certainly is great if you’re going somewhere casually, but when you need to go to work, things can get a bit more complicated.

This is where we come in with some tips on how to stay stylish and gorgeous even in this weather.


It may seem crazy to think of layering in the summer, but the truth is that having more than just one layer of clothes makes you look much more stylish and sophisticated.

However, what kind of layers are suitable for this heat? You could opt for cardigan, jacketss or vests that are made from light summer-friendly materials. If the fabric is well-chosen, you won’t feel the layer at all and your skin will still be able to breathe. So, go for it and pick some great pieces.

There are cardigans of all sorts that can accommodate any outfit and style. On the other hand, vests are gaining popularity again this summer and they are particularly handy for the business style you’re going for.


All sorts of dresses are excellent summer choices for any occasion. However, it’s always good to think outside the box and try to discover some new options for yourself. It may be that the first thing you think about when you think of shirt-dresses is the beach. However, this doesn’t have to be the only scenario.

There actually are some amazing lines of women’s dresses in Australia that accommodate the summer business look. It’s important to keep it classy despite the heat, so think about elbow-length sleeves, pleasant fabrics and knee-length or longer cuts. If you need something to complete the look, you can always get a nice belt or a summer scarf to make your outfit look complete.

Bright colors

It may go without saying, but in order to stay safe while being outside, make sure you choose bright colors. Black may be your color, but summer really calls for another choice. You need to wear colors that deflect sunlight instead of ones that attract it. If you’ve never been paying attention to this factor, it’s high time you started for it will certainly change your summer experience for the better.

Aussie businesswomen usually hold on to pastels and nudes with a pinch of color in the form of a detail. For instance, in order to avoid monotony, you can choose an intense color for one piece of clothing. It can be anything you want, your purse, a belt or a light cardigan.

Shirt and pants

The classic business look involving a business style shirt and loose wide pants is an absolute must for this season as well. It feels amazing and looks breathtaking.

You simply need to have a linen or chambray shirt in your wardrobe or even several. Plain white or any pastel will do great combined with vertically striped pants. You can also turn it around and have the stripes on your shirt. Vertical stripes show class and style and it’s best if they are discrete and complimenting of the main color on your pants or shirt.

Neck details

Some women prefer a more casual business style and that’s fine. You can class your casual style up with some great jewelry. For instance, all sorts of necklaces and neck accessories can make a huge difference in your outfit. Having a scarf or a necklace will make you look more serious and confident. This is exactly what you need during the terrible heat. It’s very effective and it’s almost effortless.

Roll necks can also add a touch of glamour, too.

As you can see, Australian women really know how to make the most out of a situation. We understand that it’s challenging having to try hard when it comes to looks in the summer, but once you master all the tricks, it will become almost effortless and you’ll look absolutely stunning all year long.

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