What Are Clear Braces and Should You Consider Them?

Are you thinking about getting your teeth straightened? If you are, you might have come across different types of braces and be confused about choosing the right ones. Clear braces have become a popular option for lots of reasons.

If you do not know what clear braces are, keep reading because we will look at what they are exactly and whether you should consider getting them.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are much closer to traditional braces than they are to Invisalign. Clear braces are similar to traditional braces with one key distinction – the braces and the wires are clear. Because of this, they are less conspicuous than metal braces but still not as conspicuous as Invisalign which are made completely out of clear material.

If you cannot get Invisalign, clear braces are your next best option if you are going for an inconspicuous option.

What Are Clear Braces Made Out Of?

Clear braces are usually made out of one of two materials; clear ceramic or polycarbonate. In some cases, a dentist can combine both of these materials in one bracket. A flexible wire, usually made out of either titanium or nickel, is then used to connect all the braces which are themselves attached to the teeth. In a majority of cases, the orthodontists will opt for a clear wire to ensure your braces are unnoticeable.

By carefully placing the braces in different positions on different teeth, an orthodontist can manipulate your teeth to get them to align properly. While most treatments take 18 to 24 months, some brands offer a shorter treatment period due to the technology they use.

You will need to visit the orthodontist’s office from time to time so they can adjust the braces and wires. By doing this, they make small changes to your teeth’s alignment over time which will help correct any misalignment.

Taking Care of Your Braces

A common fear for a lot of people who get clear braces is that they will discolour over time. If your orthodontist uses the right types of material, this is unlikely to happen. The wires can change colour over time, but that is common and not something to be worried about.

Taking care of your braces is often as easy as cleaning your teeth regularly and watching what you eat. It is also a good idea to follow your orthodontist’s advice on which types of foods to avoid while wearing braces. As a general rule, avoid hard foods like nuts, chewy foods like cereal bars, crunchy foods like crusty bread or acidic foods like fruit juices.

How Much Do They Cost?

Clear braces are much more expensive than metal braces but their cost depends on your needs. The clear brace cost in the UK is around £2,500 for upper and lower teeth. Fortunately, companies like Straight My Teeth offer cheaper options by using new technology and aligners. Straight My Teeth also makes it easier to pay for your new smile in small and easy instalments.

Visit their website to find out more about clear braces and see how Straight My Teeth can give you a new smile today. Invisible braces might just be what you are looking for.

Should You Consider Clear Braces?

There are several reasons why you should consider getting clear braces. The most obvious reason is that they offer a level of discretion metal braces cannot. Some clear braces are so well made and fitted that it becomes hard for people to notice that you have them on. In some cases, the orthodontist can tint them a little to better blend in with your teeth’s colour.

Clear braces are also easier to remove when the treatment is done than metal braces because they are attached to the teeth using adhesives that are less damaging to the teeth. The adhesives and bonding agents used with other types of braces attach too tightly to the teeth and can damage the enamel while the braces are being removed.

Many of the people who have worn both clear and metal braces say that clear braces are much more comfortable than metal braces. Also, clear braces cause fewer scrapes inside the mouth.

Clear braces are attached to the teeth for the whole duration of the treatment. Compared to Invisalign which you can remove and have to keep track of, clear braces do not present this challenge.

It is important to remember that clear braces can cause some sensitivity for a few days and because the braces are usually larger, cleaning your teeth might be more challenging than you are used to. However, do not be afraid to brush and floss as you normally would when wearing clear braces.

If you are not happy with your teeth’s alignment, you always have the option of getting braces. Although there are lots of options to choose from, many people choose clear braces over other types of braces. To ensure they are the right option for you and to alleviate any fears or concerns you may have and have your questions answered, do talk to your orthodontist before you have the braces fitted.

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