Mens Fashion: How to Style Fashion Shirts for Men Effortlessly

Trendy shirts are something you are sure to find in the wardrobe of every man, regardless of their personal style and taste. The workwear staple has now been incorporated as a piece of personal expression, and they are no longer limited to just solid shades or office-friendly stripes.

Designer shirts for men can be worn for practically any occasion, and their versatility means they can be dressed up or down depending on your desired look.

If you’re looking for a curated collection of cool shirts for men, you can usually find them on multi-brand menswear stores, offering pieces by indie designers fit for every occasion. When shopping for cool shirts for men, keep in mind the importance of getting one where the fit is just right. You should choose a style that will transition flawlessly from season-to-season or day-to-night.

You may even be reading this if you’re man is useless at dressing himself, and relies on you to style him up. If so, read on to understand a little more about the art of styling men’s fashion shirts.

When did men’s fashion shirts become trendy?

Traditionally, fashion shirts for men have usually been paired with men’s tailored suits for either a workwear look or a night on the town depending on your lifestyle. For years, men’s fashion shirts have been symbolic of the preppy American style, but they’ve now broken out of the box. You can now get fashion shirts for men regardless of how you define your personal style.

Men’s shirts no longer come in just one colour or print. You can find men’s fashion shirts with logos and embellishments, or mixed materials like mesh or leather. It’s a great way to take a timeless classic and make it your own. Designer shirts for men are best styled with understated accessories in similar tones to let the shirt take centre stage. In today’s fashion rules, ties are no longer a non-negotiable workwear accessory. Moreover, most fashion shirts for men speak for themselves without needing a tie to accessorise the collar.

If you’re a man and you do love a tie, or your man is persistant on styling shirts with one, the current trend is the skinnier the tie, the better. Long gone are those chunky, larger sitting ties that men used to wear!

Here are some quick and easy tips and how to style your next dress shirt for work, weddings, nightclubs, and beyond!

Easy Tips on How to Style Men’s Dress Shirts:

  • Cool fashion shirts can be paired with practically any trousers, from shorts to dress pants, but they have a universal appeal when worn with distressed jeans.
  • You can keep it casual with a pair of white sneakers, or elevate your style with leather boots or loafers.
  • If the occasion calls for a more tailored look, wear your fashion shirt with a pair of straight-leg trousers or chino pants in a contrasting color.
  • When summer comes around, you can ditch the long trousers for cargo shorts and your favorite belt. Just another way to make your fashion shirts a year-round staple!
  • When building a wardrobe of fashion shirts for men, start with the classic monochromes and work your way up to your favorite prints.
  • Fashion shirts are a great way of looking put together and sharp with minimum effort, so try rolling up the sleeves of your shirt to add an extra casual feel to your look.
  • Button-down shirts are best bought in a slim fit for nights out. These fashion shirts are designed in such a way that they flatter the chest when worn unbuttoned, so it’s best to avoid buying them oversized. In colder climates, layer up with a classic blazer or zip-up jacket.

Remember to re-check men’s fashion trends every year, as little aspects of fashion and styling do alter with the changing trends. Do check in with fashion sites, Instagram and online fashion stores for changing trends every few seasons (or every season if you’re being hot on trends!).

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