Wedding Trends: Wedding Gallery Summer/Fall 2020

Although weddings have been on hold for the past few months, it looks as though by the time full Summer is in full swing, and then the fall season starts, there should be weddings taking place, even if with limited numbers.

If you’re planned to tie the knot at the middle/end of this year, it could be worth pulling out your wedding planner and getting back to pinning on your Pinterest boards, because the wedding will be back – even if you have the problem of limited numbers.

Some people have been preparing for a wedding since they were a child, whereas others just do into a mad panic since they got engaged. It will be one of your most memorable days, so it’s nice to enjoy the planning process as much as you can.

While wedding experts have said that they feel late 2020 weddings could be outdoor focused with limited numbers, it may be that elements of 2020 are brought into 2021 weddings too, so I’ve done a little bit of research into the ‘new’ wedding trends for 2020/2021. So before you continue to plan your big day, here are 5 wedding trends that may inspired you.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability has been the buzzword for 2019, and it’s been breaking through more widely across 2020. It’s planned to be even bigger for 2021 too! To pull of a sustainable wedding, couples can be seen to be cutting out single use plastics, and ensuring only biodegradeable confetti is used.

There is a real push on petal confetti, gifting seeds or plants as favours, using dried flowers where possible for décor, and even opting for flowers that are in season to reduce the carbon footprint.

2. Laid-back styling

Some wedding trend experts call it a more industrial / grunge look, but basically it refers to being able to wear a dressed down gown on your big day, accessorised with items which reflect your personal look. Basically, it’s laid-back styling, and it’s big for 2020 onwards!

A laid-back bridal look lets brides opt for the more understated bridal dresses, teamed with classic country house vibes. This look works well with the trend of booking cottage and old house style venues, like rented cottages in the secluded countryside.

Interiors are kept simple, along with the wedding dress, yet if the bride wants to throw on chunky cowboy boots or pearl clips in her hair, she can do. It’s relaxed and personal.

This type of laid-back wedding usually embraces solo musicians, tattoos on show, all types of street food served up, and a non-stuffy agenda.

3. Minimalism

The need for much more muted colour palettes and fuff-free, softer textures continues for 2020. Minimalism – when done right – can look more premium, and the trend for more straighter, sleeker dresses, sheer satins and organza veils are huge

Wedding hair is pulled into a slick bun with one dazzling crystal accessory. Makeup is minimal too, and bridesmaid tend to all be in a stunning slip dress.

For the wedding day itself, expect a little less of the full bloom look, and a little more greenery along with more pampas grass and dried flowers. Venues are leaning towards stripped-back wooden furnishings and a few flickering candles.

4. Daring

For 2020/2021, you go from stripped-back minimalism to volume and OTT detailing. Trend wise, designers are playing on these two looks, appealing for those who sit middle ground to lean towards one or the other. The minimalism trend see’s slip dresses and simplicity, but the daring trend is about volume, tulle skirts, intricate beading and plunging necklines. Anything that was once fearer is now welcomed.

This also comes with the wearing-two-dresses-on-your-wedding-day trend. So you can even opt for both minimal and maximum, and have one for day and one for night. Some brides are even embracing colour, and donning on a black bridal dress for the evening, or playing around with bold colour accessories for the day look.

5. Supersize Veil or None At All

The most traditional wedding accessory is without a doubt the wedding veil, and for 2020, it’s been getting a revamp. It’s all about the length and the train, and the longer the better!

This trend comes from A-list brides, who have opted for the veil to be supersized and stealing the show. It’s been all about the aisle look, keeping this accessory as the wow piece, complete with embroidery and tulle.

Experts say that if the supersized veil isn’t for you, then consider skipping the veil this year and next. They aren’t necessarily a wedding requirement, unless you are having a religious ceremony where it is needed. If you don’t enjoy the thought of them, then there is nothing wrong with kicking the idea!

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