A Round-Up Of Black-Owned Small & Large Businesses To Check Out

I’ve always been passionate about small businesses, and will support them whenever I can. I feel this comes from the fact I’m self-employed myself and also run my own small business, there really is a person/small group of people who jump for joy when a sale is made.

In light of the current situation, where we are all learning about how to become a world that is anti-racist, I wanted to focus on black-owned businesses within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. I wanted to highlight some today, so we can be aware of some of the fantastic women of colour who have founded such fantastic brands.

This post is designed to shine a spotlight on them, and encourage you to check them out to learn more about these brands and their founders.

Of course, this is a list I’m starting on a Thursday afternoon, so it’s by no means definitive and is open to growing and adding on new discoveries as I go…

Beauty Bakerie Makeup

The founder of this beautiful makeup brand Beauty Bakerie is Cashmere Nicole, and I have to say I read her ‘about me’ story on the website, filled with admiration. This lady knew she wanted her own successful business, and she knew she deserved it. The brand focuses on smudge-free makeup which doesn’t need touching up, with an Insta Bake Aqua Glass Foundation and Wake and Bake Hydrating Oils.

Also, the packaging could be the cutest thing ever.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Founder of Black Girl Sunscreen is Shontay Lundy, and I couldn’t love the caption I found on the website more: Sunscreen made by women of color for people of color, because we get sunburned too.

Unlike some of the white lotions, these Black Girl Sunscreen dry completely clear so they are perfect to use before any outdoor activity, or even under your favourite makeup products. Check out the site here.


Vibrate Higher Daily

I feel like the founder, Lalah Delia, is a woman of many talents with Vibrate Higher Daily that I’m struggling with where to start. Firstly, she has the book, Vibrate Higher Daily. It encourages self power and self belief, making the reader realise that too often they can feel pulled down by circumstances or the negativity of others. Delia writes about how we have more power within us than we know. She invites readers to “step into their power” and embrace vibrational-based living, which is centered around being in tune with our agency, intuition, and intention.

Alongside the book, Lalah Delia has a powerful website which gives a nod to those wanting to learn more about well-being, empowerment and mentoring. She’s a spiritual writer who certainly knows her stuff.

Carol’s Daughter

Founded by Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter is a beauty brand which offers hair, skin and beauty products which contain no sulphates, parabins, mineral oil or nasties in any of the products. The brand emerged in 1993, encouraged by Lisa’s mother, Carol, hence the brand name. She wanted it to be named after the most special thing she is, which to Lisa, is Carol’s Daughter. A trul heart-warming tale behind the name.

Lisa began creating hair and body products made with love in her Brooklyn kitchen, in which family and friends instantly fell in love. It’s an American brand which specialises within natural haircare, and recently joined the L’Oreal family,


Curlbox is a haircare brand founded by Myleik Teele, but with a difference: it works as a subcription box service, costing $20 and letting customers explore products designed for natural curls.

Myleik explains the reasoning behind her brand: “I ‘went natural’ more than 15 years ago and remember driving 20 miles to buy an expensive product that I read “worked on everyone.” I tried using that product several times, several ways only to find out it didn’t work for me and it sat under my sink for years. I started curlBOX as a means to save you the drive and the money. curlBOX gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!

Check out the subscription service than delivers to doors here.



Now this is a brand I’ve personally used myself a number of times over the years, and can vouch for it’s amazing quality and beautifully packaged hero products. Briogeo is founded by Nancy Twine,

The Honey Pot Company

When I first read about Bea Dixon’s company, The Honey Pot, my first thought was how lovely the idea was, and needed it is across the hygiene and health worlds. In a nutshell, it’s the first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina, powered by herbs, making it 100% natural.

I’m sharing her mission statement below because I think it sums up her brilliant brand incredibly well:

“If you’re here because your honeypot is unhappy, I’ve been there.

The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself.

With her help, I created the Honey Pot Co to solve for what other brands wouldn’t, using the power of herbs.

From menstrual products to effective cleansing products, it’s a refreshing, helping-hand brand.

Beneath Your Mask

In 2011, Dana Jackson was diagnosed with lupus which of course, completely changed her life. Because of certain symptoms of the disease, she had to take an all-natural approach to beauty and wellness. This is when she started setting up her own products which have completely natural ingredients.

They can also be found at Credo Beauty, as well as on her own site. They say that her skin soufflé is her hero product, and it’s meant to be just magical. 

Anya Lust

Anya Lust is a luxury lingerie e-commerce business, founded by Krystle Kotara. On the site you’ll find pieces from a range of smaller high-end lingerie designers, as well as links to sign up for Sensual Yoga and Tantric Date Night workshops. Check out Anya Lust here.

Nude Barre

On Nude Barre’s site, you’ll find a range of hosiery and underwear in 12 different shades of nude. According to a feature in Forbes, the CEO Erin Carpenter, a former Knicks City Dancer, started the line after struggling to find undergarments and tights that were actually “nude” — and not just beige. It’s a great diverse brand!


Oma the Label

Oma the Label offers a range of thick gold hoops and rope chains that are easy to imagine wearing every day, along with stylish basics and bodysuits, to flatter all body types, including a square-neck leotard with high-cut legs.

A lovely online retailer, check the site out here

Rebecca Allen

I discovered Rebecca Allen’s shoes and thought what a brilliant, straight-forward idea. Her shoes come in three simple silhouettes — minimalist two-strap high heels, a pump, and pointy toe flats — and five different shades of “nude” that cover a wide range of skin tones. So every skin type can find their shade.

Label By Three

Slow fashion handmade in the desert, focusing on sustainability and minimalism, with a curated homeware collection. This black owned business perfectly describe their mission as “We created Label By Three to fill a void in the fashion industry where quality, transparency, creativity & inclusivity is severely lacking. As three women of color we want to write the narrative of what an ethical brand truly is, and how meaningful our practices as a small business can be to our community.”

Label by Three is the brainchild of Maya Angelou, who solely uses quality deadstock fabrics from independent sellers located in the USA, making sure they are vegan-friendly & never derived from animals. 

Kintsugi Candle Co.

I discovered this brand via Instagram, and fell in love with the premium looking, simple packaging and labelling. It is founded by @allisonmathisjones (check her out on Instagram) who says that the brand name, ‘Kintsugi’, means’golden joinery’ which is the Japanese art of piecing back together broken pottery.

The candles make me feel relaxed just by looking at them, and scrolling the sleepy and dreamy aesthetic on the Kintsugi website. I also love how Allison states on the site: “Like broken pottery put back together with gold, we are made whole again in spite of our trials and tribulations and are more beautiful and unique having been broken.”

OUI the People

Karen is the founder of OUI the people, who has created this bodycare brand which aims to be for the good of the people. She explains her reason behind the brand as:

When launching OUI (Shave) I looked through shaving ads from the ’50s onward to get a sense of the language they used. It all boiled down to one message. “You’re not loveable” if you don’t…

I almost wrote it off, it was the ‘50s after all, until I saw modern brands using similar language. Why are we still selling products to women under flawless, anti-aging, and perfecting? It reads, quite literally, as antiquated

The brand focuses on One Good Shave, with quality shavers, shave gel-to-milk, body gloss, bikini line masks and kits. I adore the look and feel of the website, which can you check out here.

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