Trend: The Belt Purse

If I ever hear the word ‘bumbag’, or the even worse American version ‘Fanny-Pack’ (who seriously made that one up?) I cringe everytime. But the reality of the ‘bumbag’ is that it’s actually quite a handy little accessory. What safer way to keep your valuables close to you than wearing a bum bag?

Right, enough of that word. It’s the ‘Belt Purse’. And it’s tipped to be making a comeback for 2011. Gone are the shiny nylon bulky things only parents would ever chose to wear. Gone are the low slung neon bags that fasten around the hips with a pastic fastener. The belt purse has moved up several inches to sit on the waist, and designers are re-creating them to actually finish off an outfit.

Brands such as Jaeger, Hermes and Pucci have developed this trendlet, making it a much more elegant version of the ‘bumbag’. Stylish, slim fitting belts fasten around the waist and feature a dainty version of a large purse, so ladies can pop in credit cards and lippies or whatever you wish to carry.

Will I be wearing one? Well, I wouldn’t rule it out. But I think i’ll lay low on being a trendsetter this time, to see how it picks up elsewhere. If your loving this trend already, heres a little snippetĀ  about how to wear one fashionably!

How To Wear The Belt Purse

Let it sit higher – Wear the Belt Purse sitting at the wait to create a sophisticated shape. The look doesnt aim to appear functional. Only wear slung low on the hips if you want a really casual appearance.

Luxury Fabrication – Go for luxury fabrication. Leather belt purses are best for 2011, as leather accesories are set to rule the style stakes.

In my opinion, these waist-clinching belt purses would look fab paired with a flowing maxi dress, tailored trousers, or with tassles for a luxury bohemian touch. Enjoy!

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