Travel: Reasons to Visit Costa Brava This Summer

Costa Brava is the well-kept secret of Catalonia in northeastern Spain, and it’s a place that gets talked about a lot when looking for a Spanish inspired holiday.

As part of, for 2018 onwards, I’m trying to feature lots more travel related content. Everything from country specific recommendations, city guides, travel tips and roundups of the best things to do/eat/visit in certain towns and cities.

So today’s is all about Costa Brave, a place filled with many treasures that encourage travellers and holiday makers to stay in the area for a long time. Normally when we plan our vacations, most of us prefer to visit the famous areas of the world due to which some of the most beautiful destinations are often ignored and neglected.

This summer, I strongly suggest for you to visit Costa Brava and discover the real beauty that it shares. Here are some of the reasons why Costa Brava will be one of the best tourist destinations this summer.


From sweeping views to alluring mountains to stunning beaches to charming old villages, you will find everything in Costa Brava. The biggest attraction of the place is the Costa Brava vacation rentals. Most of the rentals spots are constructed either near the beach or the mountain.

The location of the rentals is so perfect that you can enjoy the scenes outside very easily as well as you will get the chance to access all the neighbouring tourist destinations. There are many tourists who prefer to spend most of their time in the vacation rentals because they think it is a better place as compared to moving around in the city. Nobody can blame they really as the vacations rental options here are to die for.

You will find many amazing spots and relaxation centers in Costa Brava where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. Or, even some alone time.


Basically, it is difficult to argue that Spanish food, in general, is among the best in the world. If we take a peek back into their history, the expensive quests and expeditions to scour the world for spices has lead to proving that earth is round.

So, in this essence, it is easy to make a conclusion how important good food is to the Spanish, most especially the Catalonians. And on this note, the biggest attraction of the Costa Brava is the delicious food.

  1. We all know that Spanish cuisines are famous around the world because of the amazing flavors and spices that are added to the food.

  2. There are many amazing restaurants where you can enjoy some of the delicious cuisines from around the world.

  3. The best thing about the Costa Brava is that in the small towns you will get a chance to test the sample of the food. It is free food because the chefs want to know whether the public love what they have prepared or not. Assure that you never miss the food samples.


Weather of Costa Brava is simply amazing. Even in the summers, the weather is relaxing and enjoyable. If you will go to the shore you can enjoy the cold breeze that would be relaxing and enjoy the sunbath for as long as you like. Even on the hilly side of the Costa Brava, it is very calming.

You will not have to pack any special items for your trip because you will be able to manage in the mid-season clothes.


Costa Brava is place full history and legends. If you are history lover you can easily explore and visit all the surroundings. There are many historical views of the town where you will get a chance to learn more about the ancestors. There are some lesser-known villages in the area where you can know more about the history of Spain and all the old fights that happened around here and how Spain has been ruled for centuries by different rulers.

Spain is a diverse land because it has been ruled by Christians, Muslims, and even Buddhists for some time. It is the place where some of the most famous Muslim scientists originated.


It is impossible to feel low and disinterested in Costa Brava as there are tons of fiestas or traditional festivals to keep you upbeat. Considering that it is smacked right out of your dream summer holiday, the crowd actually inspire the locals to showcase their local customs. To mention a few:

  1. The Habaneras, that vibes Caribbean feels originating way back in the 19th century when immigrants from the Caribbean shared its vibrant songs to the local fishermen which were graciously adapted and has become a local fiesta in itself.

  2. Sardanas, which is basically considered as the national dance of Catalonia. It is the most popular folk dance that are loved both by its locals and tourists. It is normally accompanied by live music where dancers gather in circle of alternating genders.

  3. Noche de San Juan or Noche del Fuego, celebrated every year at the night of the 23rd of June to welcome the official start of summer months. Locals make bonfires along the beach and celebrate with friends and family overnight. The most anticipated part is the beautiful display of fireworks that continues to amaze locals and tourists alike.

Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful places in the world not because of the amazing tourist destinations but also because of the loving people.

The people of Costa Brava are very friendly and they will assure that you are comfortable in the new land. The locals will assure to help you with all the issues that you might have been dealing with. They will take extra care of your requirements.

Make sure that you book your tickets in advance as well as your vacation rentals, so you can have the best time.

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