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Here’s a nice light-hearted, fun blog post for you this Friday morning. Do you ever have a long, hard, serious talk with yourself regarding what you would do if you actuallly won the lottery? Yes I know, it’s a massive long shot, and not something we all expect to happen to us…

But, if you’re anything like me and actually do things to increase your chances (like put the lottery on or play Lotto Plus)  then you never know: it’s not insane to suggest it could happen one day!

So. In a perfect world, one where I happen to win millions, the billion dollar question is: how exactly would I spend my money? Here’s how!

Be a Lady Who Lunches

Firstly, I would love to say I would ‘quit my job’, but as I’m a full time blogger and makeup artist, it’s so flexible and enjoyable that I actually wouldn’t leave it! But, what I would do is relax the whole thing entirely. I wouldn’t need to stress about creating unique content every single day and working until 11pm at night on social media planning…

I’d ease up my day, and I’d be a ‘lady who lunches’. I’d gather up different friends on different days and treat them to lunches and afternoon teas at a range of gorgeous locations. Cheshire, Manchester, Staffordshire… all the finest eateries would literally know me by first name by the time I was finished!

Just imagine how nice it would be for all those ‘special occasions’ like Champagne Afternoon Tea, to become a daily occurrence? Plus, what fantastic catch up time it would be for my ladies, and they wouldn’t have to spend a penny!

I’d also bin off some of my usual low key bars and country pub hotspots, and switch them up for those cocktail bars with a view for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Just imagine…

Attend Spa Days and Overnight Breaks Weekly

OK so spa days and overnight spa breaks are absolutely incredible, but lets not pretend, they cost an absolute fortune and it becomes something we can only plan in a couple of times a year maximum. I’m lucky with my job I get to visit and review a lot of them all around the UK, but I know my friends and family don’t have this luxury.

So, a couple of times a month, I would book a group of us in for an indulgent spa day, filled with all the facials, massages and treatments you can imagine, followed by dinner and an overnight stay.

I honestly feel a million times better in myself and my body after attending a spa break, therefore it’s something I would definitely invest in if I was to win allllllll the pennies!

My favourites are the Titanic Spa and the Woodland Spa (Huddersfield and Burnley) just to name a few…

Treat My Boyfriend, Family and Friends

I always think the most important thing I would ever do if I was to win the lottery, or an incredibly large sum of money, is to treat my nearest and dearest.

So, in a nutshell, I’d buy my parents a new forever home and make sure they had everything they needed for the rest of their lives. And the same for my twin sister and her little family.

For myself and my boyfriend, I’d buy us a mansion in Cheshire (Cheshire wife spring to mind?) and unlimited holidays. I’d deposit money into my families bank accounts, and make sure everyone was settled and had enough to keep them going forever!

So, now that my first few ‘important ones’ are listed, here’s a list of other ways I’d be splashing that cash!

Buy a Holiday Home – Maybe somewhere in Spain, Italy or Greece. Somewhere where the flight time isn’t too horrendous, so I can get lots of random stays and trips out of it, and open it up to all my nearest and dearest.

Live a Champagne Lifestyle – Because why not? A newer version of my Audi, the finest foods, an at-home chef, cleaners… you name it, I would have it! Oh and lets not forget the newest Mulberry bag on my arm and Louboutins on my feet every month.

Launch a Clothing Brand – I’ve done this before and still run my own dress boutique, but it’s a struggle to manage it with everything else. But if I was a lottery winner, I’d just hire someone to manage it and run it with me! So it would be a million times bigger and better…

Give a Hefty Amount To Charity – And lets not forget the charity side of things. I would distribute funds to a range of charities, choosing a lot of cancer charities as my main priorities.

So the next question is, how would YOU spend your money and live your life if this happened to you?

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