Top 7 Reasons Why Students Choose To Study at Colleges in Manchester

Once most students receive their A-level results, their thoughts turn to the next step in their education-college. Whether or not they attained the grade they wanted, the city of Manchester presents a notable college destination.

Every year, more than 11,000 students from outside the European Union enroll for study in the vibrant city. There is a multitude of reasons why Manchester is among the best student cities in the world. Below is a look at the top 7 reasons to choose a college in Manchester.

Affordable Education

The findings of recent research place Manchester third in the list of the most affordable university cities in the United Kingdom, behind only Nottingham and Bangor.

For example, students enrolled at the University of Manchester pay an average of £75 per week for accommodation. In comparison, those at St George’s in London part with a whopping £168. Manchester students also enjoy some of the cheapest cab fares of from city center to campus, at about £3.50 per trip. For those who don’t are too busy to do assignments, they can always buy original essays online

Good Company

With four institutions to choose from, the greater Manchester has a huge student population of about 99,000 people. Spread between the universities of Manchester, Bolton and Sanford together with the Manchester metropolitan university, the region produces about 33,000 graduates every year.

The University of Manchester attracts a significantly large number of students. It currently has almost 40,000 students, ranking it fourth in the entire country.

Thrilling Nightlife

Considering that most college students are young people, partying is definitely part of a student’s life. Nightlife in Manchester has something for everyone. There are clubs scattered all over the city that cater for all kinds of music.

The city boasts of a large multi-cultural community and entertainment joints to match each culture. Irrespective of which part of the world a student comes from, he or she will always feel right at home when it comes to clubbing.

A Wide Variety of Music

In addition to a thrilling nightlife, the greater Manchester is characterized by a strong musical lineage. Popular musical bands such as Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Smiths, and Joy Division all began their careers in Manchester.

The music scene still thrives and continues to nurture new talents. In addition, there are spectacular concern venues in the city of all shapes and sizes. A good example is the Manchester arena, which happens to be the country’s largest indoor venue. Another is the Etihad stadium that has hosted various international artists like American diva Beyoncé.

Multicultural City

Classes and nightlife may seem to take up a huge segment of a student’s time. All in all, those studying in Manchester will find it interesting to take some time out to explore the cultural surroundings. This is c particularly appealing considering that a high number of cultural institutions in the city have a free entry.

Notable examples are the Manchester Museum and the Whitworth Gallery, both of which are located near the University of Manchester.  Others include the Lowry gallery and theater, the imperial war museum north, the Royal Exchange, as well as the Science and Industry Museum.

A Shopping Paradise

Manchester is home to major shopping centers where students can buy whatever they want.  The Market Street and Arndale Center are located at the heart of the city. Although the Trafford Center is a bit far from the city center, it has some of the latest fashionable trends at affordable prices.

For the rich kids who don’t mind splashing a lot of money on shopping, there are department stores and designer boutiques such as Exchange Square and King Street. In addition, the northern quarter is lined up with independent boutiques such as Oi Polloi and Beaumont Organic. The city is also a kind of a vintage shopping haven full of music stores and boutiques for second-hand outfits. Students can also hire a cheap writing service to do their essays.

Extracurricular Activities

The clubs and societies found at Manchester colleges present an ideal way for students to meet new people and generally have fun on a regular schedule. Notable games that are well represented are football, rugby, athletics, hockey and netball. All in all, students can also participate in ultimate Frisbee, surfing, mountaineering, snow sports, archery and canoeing. Apart from sports, a student can join various clubs dedicated to board games, bell ringing, pantomime, poker, cheese, wine, crafting, and various music genres.

Attractions that Did not Make it to the List

Above are seven of the top reasons why a student should enroll in a Manchester college. However, they are not the only appealing elements of the city. For instance, the greater Manchester is a sports mad location. For one, it is home to two of the biggest football teams in the world: Manchester City and Manchester United. Also, the legacy of hosting the 2002 commonwealth Games left the city with world-class sporting facilities such as the National Squash Center, the Manchester Aquatics Center, Regional athletics Center, and the Manchester Velodrome.

Colleges in Manchester have produced some of the brightest   minds in the world, some of whom have returned to become lecturers.  A good example is Professor Brian Cox who teaches at the University of Manchester’s department of physics and astronomy. Others include comedian Peter Kay and legendary guitarist Johnny Marr, both of whom have taught at Salford University. Also, Manchester is a place where students can bump to famous personalities all the time.

The city is often used a filming location for high-budget, blockbuster films and television series. Well-known actors like Cillian murphy, Jared Leto and Chris Pine are regular guests at the area doing various projects. Students can also bump into musician Ed Sheeran shooting a music video.

The vast urban area of Manchester may not have much green space. All in all, most of the best parks in the city are found on the southeast, surrounding both the campuses of the University of Manchester and the Manchester metropolitan university. Whitworth, Vimto, Platt Fields, All Saints and Alexandra parks and university Green are all located in the vicinity. Thus, students in Manchester colleges have access to clean and beautiful packs where they can relax, study or order pre written essays online.

The above is an overview of the reasons why Manchester is an ideal study destination.  Each year, thousands of students from all walks of life enroll at institutions located in this vibrant city. It is evident that anyone who chooses to study at any of these colleges is in good company.  From leading educational establishments to a wide range of cultural endeavors and cuisine, Manchester will definitely have something to attract a student irrespective of his or her passion.

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