Thinking Of Getting a Cat? Here’s the Cat Care Trends from Around the World

Cats are a pet much loved in many parts of the world. Independent yet also cute and cuddly at the same time, many families feel that they are not complete if they don’t have a cat. But how you look after your cat at home might be completely different from how other pet cats are cared for across the globe.

Cat care trends are always changing as we come up with more new and innovative ideas to help our pets live a better, healthier, and happier life. Here are some cat care trends from around the world that you might be interested in.

Letting Cats Outdoors:

In the UK, it’s fairly commonplace for cats to be let outdoors. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as cats living in highly-populated urban areas where it wouldn’t be safe, but here, a lot of cat owners are happy to let cats roam outside in their gardens. Because of this, it’s brought on a trend of cat trackers and GPS camera collars that owners can use to keep an eye on where their cat is and what she is getting up to. Remember to weigh up the risks if you are thinking about letting your cat outdoors.

If you decide to let him explore, it’s a good idea to consider pet insurance. Vet fees can be expensive in the UK, so if anything were to happen to them on their adventures, you have the peace of mind their cat insurance can be there to help. Everypaw can help you make sure you find the right policy for your cat. Their site has details on UK cat insurance that you might find helpful. There are several levels of cover to choose from, and quotes are available online.

Keeping Cats Indoors:

In other parts of the world, keeping cats indoors is more commonplace. In the U.S., for example, cats are having a bigger impact on natural wildlife, and it’s less common for cats to be allowed outside unless they are on a farm or another rural area where they have a job to do – which usually involves catching pests.

While this trend has reached many other parts of the world, a lot of pet parents here feel safer keeping their cats indoors where they can see what they are doing, and control their outdoor time by training them to walk with a harness.


Catios are becoming a popular option for cats and their owners in many different areas of the world because they allow cats the freedom to go outside and explore, but protect them from any potential dangers – and make it harder for them to cause havoc with the local wildlife.

A catio is usually an enclosed area that is built at the back or side of a house that the cat can use to spend time outdoors without being able to roam freely, making it the perfect compromise for a cat that really wants to go outside and an owner who wants to keep them indoors. If you decide to build a catio for your cat, you can make it a perfect retreat for them with plenty of perches, toys, and comfy spots to lounge in the sun.

Raw Feeding:

Raw feeding has really taken off for dogs in many parts of the world, and many cat owners are beginning to see the possible benefits of a raw [PF1] [PF2] diet for their feline friends too. Raw feeding means feeding the pet the kinds of food that they would naturally go for in the wild, reducing the number of grains and carbohydrates in their diet.

It tends to be much more nutrient-dense and fresh, and there are even companies now selling raw food for cats that owners can buy in pre-packaged meals to make feeding time more convenient than ever.

Natural Materials:

As the world moves towards becoming more environmentally friendly, we have seen this make an impact in the world of cat care. Plastic toys are no longer as popular as they used to be, and we are seeing an increase in toys that are made from natural and biodegradable materials. Many cat owners are choosing to buy wooden trees and walls for their cats rather than plush beds and scratchers.


Technology is having a huge impact on how we care for our cats and these days. There’s a gadget for almost anything that you might want to do with your cat. Playing with your cat can be even more fun with simple gadgets like laser mice, or you can make sure that your cat is entertained all day long with interactive games that they can control all on their own.

Or, if you miss your cat when you’re at work during the day, you can set up a pet camera at home and talk to them through your smartphone and check that they are OK. And, one big godsend in the cat owner world is the self-cleaning litter box that uses a rake to sift through the litter and take any solids out each time your cat uses the tray, keeping your cat happier than ever with a clean toilet.

Cat Cafes:

Cat cafes can be found all around the world, and they are particularly popular in East Asia. They have also been a fixture in the UK hospitality scene for quite some time now, and many towns in the UK have their own feline cafe where cat lovers can go for a hot drink and a bite to eat and some cuddles. Cat cafes often take in rescue cats, which means that these lucky felines don’t only get a lot of love every day – but they’re also in a forever home and away from rescue centres. Usually, cat cafes have quite strict rules to protect the cats’ health and wellbeing, including allowing the cats to come to you and invite you to pet them.

Cat care trends are always evolving as new technologies and discoveries allow us to come up with new and innovative ways to give our cats the best life. Which of these cat care trends is commonplace in your home with your cat?

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