Dating in a New City? Here’s How to Make it Work

There is nothing more exciting yet scary than moving to a different place, It provides so many different transitions, and can always allow you to embrace a fresh new start if you’re old city and life was becoming a little stale.

You’ll be starting a new job, finding a new place to live and meeting new friends, which all takes a while to take in. And if you’re single, you’ll simultaneously be looking at dating in a new city, which is yet again another adjustment to your life to get your head around.

If you’re a singleton and you’ve found you’ve been dating for a while with no success, dating in a new city could be just the thing you needed. There’s something about being in a place you haven’t got ‘ties’ to that provides a clean slate for meeting people. You’re unlikely to be connected with anyone through other people, and dating in a new city also provides you with a more adventurous social life, too. Just think of all the new bars, walks and sights you can explore when someone who knows the place can show you round!

Of course, moving to a new town or city will no doubt bring new challenges your way, but the main one lies within meeting new people. With technology making it so much easier to connect with people online or via apps, you honestly wont struggle as much as you may fear you will.

Most cosmopolitan cities or places with a bit going on for them tend to make sure they offer ways of meeting potential dates. Take for example the super cool, chic city of Los Angeles. Here you can connect with people with an L.A postcode through Los Angeles Personals easily, because if you think about it, there are over three million residents in Los Angeles – making it the largest city in the state of California. Original dating methods in L.A just aren’t going to cut it, no matter how many incredible parties you get invited to, or how many modern cocktail bars you turn up to.

So, if you’re moving to a new city like Los Angeles and you need some dating ideas about what you can do to adapt, read on for some inspiration…

Let yourself be the new kid in town

Don’t worry about coming across as the new kid – it’s actually refreshing in the bigger, busier cities to show that you need some ideas of places to go with new people. When you’re new to a city like L.A, you’re not going to have a super busy calendar straight away, so instead, play on it and let it be an encouragement for new people you meet to show you more of what the city has to offer.

Perhaps a tour of the cities finest beach bars, or places that reflect the history of the city – let people you’re dating offer the chance to introduce you to their cool city, their friends and recommended places. People love to act like an expert in their hometown, so let them play tour guide and you’ll learn more about the place at the same time too.

Use your new city an opportunity to get into new things

If you’re starting out dating in a new city, be open minded to trying out new things. Perhaps you never did anything active or sporty on dates before? Well, if you are dating in Los Angeles, then a few beach games kicking a ball around might actually be considered as your new ‘fun’.

Use the dating experiences in a new city as an opportunity to check items off on your bucket list of you can. Maybe an evening dance class, or a cookery class. Or, even let him take you to the Malibu Wine Safaris situated in L.A, which combines two of the things you are absolutely going to love: taking photos of beautiful animals and having your glass generously topped up with wine as you wonder round!

Ensure that any people you befriend can introduce you to others

When you’re single and dating in a new city like Los Angeles, you do have to be a little selfish. Remember that there will be places where you will naturally meet groups of people, like at work, or even new roomates. Make sure you ask these people that become your friends if they have signle friends, or if they hang out with their other groups of friends on the weekend. Encourage them to invite you, and get mingling!

You can of course be much more subtle and when your new friends are throwing a party or going out after work, just ask if you can pop along for an hour or two. That way, you can scope out who else turns up…

Experience a drive through movie date

One thing you’ll find with places like Los Angeles for dating is that they are filled with date ideas that other cities don’t offer – or don’t offer regularly. L.A have a fabulous drive through movie park, where you can watch a range of old movies in exchange for cheap ticket prices from the privacy of your own car – or your dates car.

It’s a casual yet unique date experience, as it’s less formal than a traditional cinema date, but also gives the same romantic vibes. In a warm city like L.A, it’s a great activity to opt for.

Keep an open mind

Remember that when moving to a new city or adjusting to a busier, more bustling place, it takes some getting used to, so try to go with the flow as much as you can. You might start to meet people who don’t quite come across as “perfect on paper” straight away to start dating, but, try to get to know as many people as possible, without making judgement first.

And like I mentioned above, dating in a new city is the perfect way to help you learn more about it sooner, and find new activities and discover places you may love.

So instead of turning into a hermit in your new apartment for those first few weeks, get on the dating apps and start socialising! Plus if it doesn’t quite work out, you may also make a fab new friend out of it, as not all dates lead to successful relationships, but many can end up in friendship – which is just as beautiful.

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  1. September 9, 2020 / 9:36 am

    Drive through movie dates – that sounds so much fun, Emma!

    When I moved to a new city, my main aim was to make friends. Once you’ve made a few, it’s surprising how that really opens up dating opportunities. Exactly how I met my now husband (of ten years!)

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