Theatre Lovers in NYC: Where Are The Best Places To Go?

When you head out on holiday, most people focus on what they can do during the day. But in many places, the city comes alive at night. New York City is alive 24/7 – and is one of the main places where you’ll want to see once the sun drops!

If you don’t plan anything for the evenings, you’ll be missing out! If you’re heading to New York City soon, here are a few things that you should consider doing:


If you are partial to a delicious cocktail, then heading to the Knickerbocker Hotel which will give you the perfect martini. This place is steeped in history, and the martini was concocted in 1912 by a bartender named Martini di Arma di Taggia. It’s meant to be the best martini you will experience!

This is the perfect place to head after a night enjoying a great show, or before you head to the theater. 

Drama Bookshop

A bookshop so good at what they do, they won a Tony Award for Excellence in 2011 for being “an unwavering supporter of the theater.” Authors, actors, playwrights, and other esteemed theater bodies are often found here.

At the Drama Bookshop, there are signings, lectures, readings, and so much more offered for free here too. If you want to feel the theater culture, here is the place to do it. 


Of course, the place you want to spend as much time as possible is broadway itself. There are a range of shows, plus plenty of off-broadway too. After soaking up the atmosphere and culture in the local places, the place to top it all off is here.

But if you aren’t sure what to see on any given evening, then use the infographic below to help you make a quick decision. 

Infographic designed by Theatre Tickets
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