Are Eyebrow Hair Implants The Modern Day Solution For Overplucked Brows?

Eyebrows have never been bigger, and I say that on this blog every year. I always assume that a new beauty trend will take over, but one never does take the beauty world by storm as much as our beloved brows. Our brows are literally our face framers, and with emerging brow trends like semi permanent microblading, brow lamination and the good old wax and tint, bushy face framers are here to stay.

If you’ve been in the no-brow-club while all this is going on, you may be familiar with eyebrow transplants. You may even have researched the term eyebrow replacement surgery yourself.

Let me make it clear first of all: I’ve had microblading done, and that works for me fine. To be more specific, it was the powder ombre style. I would recommend it to anyone who was struggling with sparse brows, however I know there are other conditions which have caused people to completely loose their brows, which I why I decided to put this article together to explore an avenue I wouldn’t personally try myself, but might answer questions for those who are considering.

Bigger Brows

The worlds mission for fuller brows has made eyebrow transplants become quite ‘a thing’. Only five or six years ago, overplucking was still taking place, which is why many women out there are left with ultra thin, sparse brows.

The thing is, like anything in life, if you do something too much, it can cause harm or damage, which is exactly what years of excessive over-plucking can do. In a world where fuller, bushier and bigger brows are popular, this isn’t the position we want to be in.

What are Eyebrow Hair Transplants?

Similar to regular hair transplants, the eyebrow hair transplant process involves removing either individual groups or a strip of skin with active follicles from one area of the body to another.

You’ll find that the back of the head is usually the most common place to take this from, in which the follicles are then trimmed to fit the preferred brow shape, mimicking a natural shape, and transplanted into the brow area.

Who Tends To Choose Eyebrow Hair Transplants?

Belive it or not, eyebrow hair transplants are becoming extremely popular. There are so many people out their that can’t benefit from microblading alone, when their natural overplucked eyebrows are severely sparse.

It tends to be women in their 30, 40s and 50s who seek this treatment, as they are the women who grew up when overplucking eyebrows was the biggest trend. This means they are now victims of thinning brows, and can even have areas of bald patches among their brows.

Why Get Eyebrow Hair Transplant Done?

The results are exceptional when the process is carried out correctly by a professional surgeon, so if you’re interested in going down this route, make sure you research a professional. When done right, the healing process is similar to that of a tattoo, where you can expect light bruising and a little crusting of the skin.

They say it takes around three days for the healing to properly kick in, and anything from one week to ten days to start rocking the finished, perfected eyebrows. When it comes to new hair growth, it takes about four months for the new hairs to begin to grow. After around 12 months, brows should be at their maximum fullness.

The results look much more natural than a microbladed brow, because to put it bluntly, the brows have real, natural hair, rather than the illusion. It’s a visually pleasing result which makes those who have suffered from barely-there brows feel like a totally new person, complete with healthy, thick, luscious brows.

The ideal candidate is someone who has over-tweezed or who has genetically thin brows. However, it won’t work for those who have medical conditions like alopecia, due to using hair follicles from the back of your head (usually).

As with all cosmetic procedures, the key to getting a natural-looking result is to fully research the surgeon or professional you choose beforehand. Always ask for reviews and to view before-and-after pictures, to get a good sense of the doctor’s skill. Do your homework and put the research in, and that way, you shouldn’t receive any nasty surprises.

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