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As most of you know, I’ve taken up a huge interest in well-being and self-care lately. If you follow my Instagram journey, you’ll see quite a lot of posts and stories talking about things I’m trying to do to adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle.

For those who know me, I’m sometimes my own worst enemy. I run my own business which means I’m harsh on giving myself any deserved days off, and I tend to work right up until 11pm most nights, then go to bed with a buzzing mind, either full of ideas or stresses. I guess it just depends what sort of day it has been!

My diet is OK- I’d never say I was unhealthy. But there is so much room for improvement. I guess I’ve been ploughing all my efforts lately into making space for a better work-life balance and upp-ing my fitness that diet and sleep tend to be the two that can be effected the most.

I was recently introduced to a brand new website called The Restored – who have the philosophy that ‘Good health doesn’t need to be complicated. The Restored’s philosophy is grounded in four foundations of health – a simple concept to help you feel significantly better.’

The Restored focus on offering practical guidance and supporting products which are designed to help you on your journey to a better all-round health. With a mission of “To empower people to restore their sleep, nutrition and movement with products and practical advice that will help them feel significantly better” – I decided I was very possibly going to love this site.

The Restored has a simplified and very true approach to health. They break it down into four main areas: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Mindset. When you think about it, they really are the four key areas we should keep to the forefronts of our minds.

The Restored point out that each of the four areas are so deeply interlinked that if one foundation flounders, the others’ tremble too. How true is that? Therefore, significant improvements come from purely identifying and focusing on the areas that are your weakest . For me, diet and sleep straight away jump out.

But is this definitely the case? I took The Restored online health quiz over at their website to see what they say, too. The quiz takes just 2 minutes, as it’s really easy to follow and give honest answers. After I completed it, I was taken to a page immediately which highlighted my troubled sleeping patterns, and why it is so important.

The results will always present you one of the four main categories which applies to your weak link. So in my case – sleep – I was presented firstly with practical guidance and advice to absorb first.

The Restored advised me first off to think of sleep as recovery. Not just for restoring energy, but because of mental and physical health. I mean, I’m using my bedtime currently to lie there thinking of everything I need to complete business wise, but mentally, that’s got to be making me all hazy and unclear.

It was lovely to see that The Restored could offer me a free Dr-Approved Sleep Course, which breaks my sleep worries down into three parts: trouble falling asleep, stress affecting sleep, and trouble staying asleep. Mine is purely the first one: trouble falling asleep.

I’m super excited to start this free The Restored Sleep Course, designed to help me identify those habits and behaviours that are negatively affecting my ability to fall asleep. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to assist in teaching me to learn techniques to really nip this awful relationship I have with struggling to fall asleep.

I have to say that one of the advice guides really stood out to me with this statement: Sleep is more important than diet and exercise – restore your sleep and you’ll find the other two much easier.

And it seems I’m doing this the wrong way round.

Along side the free course and practical advice, The Restored also shown me a glimpse of a new supplement launch perfect for me. The Restored Sleep Aid is a supplement to encourage a better nights sleep which can go hand-in-hand with the practical advice and the sleep course I’ll be undertaking.

The Restored Sleep Aid is one of the latest advancements in natural sleep supplements and will be available very soon. I’m literally eager to try these!

I’m going to be back soon with an update for you, once the website has officially launched and I can provide you all with how I’m getting on. But in the meantime, why not take the quiz for yourself too?

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