Fashion E-Commerce Summit with The Fashion Network and Don’t Panic Events

On Tuesday, I had the honour of speaking and presenting at one of the most engaging and interesting events I’ve been to.

I teamed up with the fabulous Manchester based company The Fashion Network and Don’t Panic Events for their Fashion E-Commerce Summit, hosted at The Studios at The Hive, Northern Quarter.

There are so many elements on working within fashion eCommerce, from social media, Google shopping, influencer marketing, building a brand up from the beginning, SEO …. where does the list end, in all honesty.

For me, my background lies within 10 years of working for small and large fashion and beauty brands, predominately in PR and Marketing. But alongside those 10 years, I was running my own business – What Emma Did – which become my full time job almost over a year ago.

In all honesty, I was running it every evening and weekend for around 7 years (my poor friends and family! Emma who?!). Aside from working two full jobs which nearly killed me, it paid off.

There is nothing more I enjoy than waking up every morning and working on a lifestyle news and influencer business which I thoroughly feel passionate about.

But I’m not a secretly skilled professional. I still need advice and inspiration from other businesses all the time. For me personally, getting to listen to others speak about their journey and gain tips and inspiration from them is vital.

We’ve all had our own success points and our struggles. Hopefully mine can inspire people, like other peoples inspire me. That’s one of the reasons I love attending events like this with The Fashion Network. So many like-minded business people all with a passion for the online industry.

I began the day interviewing Jenna Meek from The Gypsey Shrine, who founded the business with just £3,000 of her own savings. It now boasts almost 400k followers on Instagram and has started to retail in international destinations, like Topshop in Dubai, etc.

Jenna’s story is an inspiration for many people who want to tap into that young, social media engaged customer base, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to present ‘A Conversation With’.

The next talk I appeared on was a panel discussion about ‘Has The Social Media Bubble Burst?’, in which I was joined by the Senior Account Manager of Social Chain, Manchester University’s Fashion Management Lecturer, and the founded of Digital Voices.

It’s so nice to sit aside people related to my industry, each with individual roles who share the same opinions yet have very different advice and opinion to offer the audience.

If you’re someone who likes to network, gain advice from others and come away with fresh ideas and motivation, these type of events are totally for you.

A huge thank you to The Fashion Network and Don’t Panic Events for having me. Always a pleasure!

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