The Prom Dress Trends for 2019

As a makeup artist, I’ve started getting all the requests in for prom season 2019. I always get super excited about doing makeup from prom, mainly because it’s such a lovely occassion for young girls!

When I set out to do the trials, I always find so many girls out their get quite anxious about what to wear. It’s a big deal now: girls are thinking about their potential prom dress months in advance, wanting to ensure they look their very best.

While it can be exciting to go on a pretty dress hunt, the search can quickly get overwhelming. After all, there are hundreds of options out there, from glamorous ball gowns to trendy suits. Luckily, there are specialised sites like Prom Dress Finder which help make the task a little easier.

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of the top-selling styles of the season so far, according to the online shopping industry and 2019 fashion trends.

Here are a number of prom trends you’ll see everywhere this year.

Off-the-shoulder styles

Expect to see many off-the-shoulder prom dresses this year, revealing a bit of sassy shoulder. According to Google reports, off-the-shoulder dresses topped Google’s list of the top five prom-related search findings last month, making them a huge must-have style.

The good thing about off-shoulder dresses is that these can add that bit of asymmetric interest in a dress, throwing the look a little off balance in a fashionable way.

Off shoulder dresses can be fine straps, chunky straps, long sleeve, short sleeve, anything you like! Which leads me to the next trend…

Long-sleeved off-the-shoulder dress

According to Google, there has been a huge surge in the search term ‘long sleeved off the shoulder dresses’ on the run up to prom season.

People are searching for one-shoulder designs, but looking for that long sleeve to cover one of the arms. If you opt for a long sleeve dress, look for ones that are midi or maxi length, as these look perfectly finished and balanced.

Pearl and Diamante Hair Clips

If you’ve been aware of fashion trends over the past few months, you’ll know that hair accessories have become massive. The old school hair clip has come back around, and this year for prom, girls are looking at pairing their glamorous style with a pearl/diamante hair clip.

Online searches for hair clips have been increasing steadily this year, due to Instagram bringing up all the hair adornment inspiration. Pearl clips and grips, along with stylish diamante slides with words, patterns and cute shapes, are all the rage this year.

Boho inspired prom dresses

Another big prom dress trend is Bohemian-style dresses, which are a winner for those who aren’t too keen on the super girly look. To wear the trend, look for loose-fitting, flowy silhouettes; colorful prints; and lightweight fabrics.

These can be paired with wedges, flower head bands, basket style handbags and natural looking makeup.

Celeb luxe

Hooray! Red carpet-inspired dresses took the fifth spot on this years list of top prom-related search findings. In a nutshell, this is going all out: slimline maxi dress with shimmering finishes, backless show stopping designs, and fitted a-line dresses to give a sophisticated look.

This recent awards season has also dominated a few trends which we never used to see at prom season, such as sheer dresses and suits.

You can expect to see similar styles at proms all over the country this year.

Hot pink dresses

And last but not least, searches for pink dresses have been increasing steadily this year, especially hot pink! This year, it’s all about the brighter the better, with girls searching for fuschia pink and neon pink as key styles.

So the question is prom-queens-to-be: what style will you be going for this year? Let me know in the comments!

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