Flipdish: The Online Ordering Platform Food Businesses Need To Know About

As most of you know, I’m a massive foodie. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find a different restaurant, cafe, takeaway or coffee shop being reviewed daily. OK, maybe every two days. But that means that I’m out reviewing a good few times a week!

The food industry is massive, and quite frankly, it’s going no where. All you have to do is look at the growth in delivery services, which make ordering food all around the clock an everyday luxury for us.

Today I wanted to bring to your attention a food ordering platform which shines a little brighter in my eyes. Flipdish is an online ordering and loyalty platform for takeaways and restaurants, enabling restaurants to directly accept online orders and manage their online presence and operations, without having to list on aggregator platforms.

When I say aggregator platforms, you’ll know the main ones. Just Eat, Deliveroo… you see the ads everywhere, encouraging people to visit these portals (where online or via the apps) and search for their Friday night feast this way.

It’s simple, right? The customer jumps on the site, searches for their chosen cuisine, pays for it, waits for it, devours it. Voila.

However, did you know that the fee’s these sites actually charge restaurant and takeaways to use their service are slowly damaging the food industry? It’s not unheard of that companies gradually loose money, and eventually go out of business due to the ridiculously high amounts they are being charged.

As the hungry customer, sprawled out on the sofa wondering whether to go for a crispy chilli beef or a chicken with cashew nut dish (always crispy chilli beef, may I add), you would be blissfully unaware of this. I have to admit, even as a food reviewer by job, I was unaware.

Food portals, like Deliveroo, claim that they aim to help food businesses – whether new and emerging, or long-running and well established – to get new customers. But they actually charge the food company around 13%–30% to receive an order from their old customers.

That sounds madness, right? Right it is. This is how food portals steal customers from food companies, charging extortionate fees from them for every order received.

How is Flipdish different?

Flipdish, on the other hand, is a system which allow individual restaurants and restaurant chains to compete with the food aggregators out there, by accepting online orders directly from their customers.

This direct service comes with much lower costs and a higher control over the customer experience.

We can’t deny it, using this type of online technology is invaluable for independent restaurants and chains. Restaurants and takeaways rely on online orders to generate business, with the majority of their potential customers being hooked to the internet and apps.

However, where as the largest food chains have the resources to build their own software to generate these orders, small and medium sized businesses struggle. This is where they get sucked into food portals which charge extortionate rates, which in the long run, prevent them growing and making any profit themselves.

A great technology for small and medium sized food businesses

This is why I wanted to raise awareness of Flipdish, as a big food blogger in Manchester, and someone who appreciates all types of restaurant and takeaway brands.

Flipdish is a great technology for the smaller players (although larger players will of course benefit too), aiming to help restaurants, takeaways and delis across Europe.

They give food businesses access to a world-class online ordering platform, ensuring that they can compete with marketplaces. By Flipdish making this technology available at an affordable price, it encourages independent takeaway and restaurants everywhere to start letting their businesses thrive. Not go bankrupt!

Food portals are damaging to food businesses

Lets summarise, as I’m aware this can be new information to a lot of food businesses, restaurants and takeaways out there. By using some of the big name food portals out there, you’ll find that if you’re a local food company, you’ll be paying upwards of 17% to be featured on their apps.

That being said, your local company will have been constantly promoting the food portal (like Deliveroo), using stickers in your shop front windows and beyond.

In a nutshell, the more of your own customers that you are sending towards the food portal, the more power the food portal has and the more they will then charge your business, increasing fees year on year.

So in conclusion, who owns the customers? The independent business, or the food portal? Well, it seems to be the food portal in this case.

If you’re a food business, Flipdish can create a dedicated app for your buisness to encourage online orders, complete with your own branding, so you can start taking orders online yourself.

They aim to help increase total orders and also migrate customers away from costly third-party portals. They will help you to use loyalty campaigns and push notifications to increase customer order frequency.

Key reasons why food portals are negative for your takeaway business:

  • They begin to ‘own’ your customers.
  • They charge you high fees every time you receive orders.
  • They promote your competitors to your customers – you’re always listed among them
  • They do not give opportunities for you to direct marketing
  • They don’t provide you the details of your customers you gained through them so you can’t reach out and market to them directly

If you’re a food business, takeaway, deli or restaurant and want to look at Flipdish to see how different it can be, check out their website here.

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