The Old School Fashion Trends

While constant change is part and parcel of fashion industries, some old school fashion are so evergreen that they never go out of style.

In the world of fashion, the only constant thing is change. Whether it’s the dresses, shoes, pants, or accessories – the patterns and style that are chic and trendy today may not remain so at the turn of the year. Some trends change even more rapidly, from one season to another.

Yet, there are some decades in the past that are marked by their ingenuity and experimentations, the most popular fashion trends of which never went out of style. One of the best examples of such evergreen style is the 1940s dresses that are making a resounding comeback among the fashionistas of the 21st century. There are some other old school fashion trends adored by both the vintage and chic ladies alike, the details of which you can find below.

1940s Fashion

Amidst the turmoil of the 1940s marked by bloody wars as well as bold experimentations, fashion enjoyed a very productive decade. So much so that the designers still go back to the 1940s dresses to find inspiration for their modern-day spring and summer collections. It is when the cheerful floral prints and subtle polka dots established themselves as integral to any stylish lady’s wardrobes.

Today, they remain a dream of old school fashionistas with their bold colours, beautifully fitting cuts, button-down designs or the incorporation of classic shirtwaists. Super elegant, timeless and classy, 1940s dresses are also very versatile that can still be worn at formal events like weddings as well as the casual occasions. It’s hard to not like the cheerfulness of a blooming beauty after all.

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1970s Fashion

We all know how the 1970s made a profound impact on our arts and culture and facilitated some revolutionary changes. So, it’s no surprise that the fashion industry was at the forefront of those changes, offering unique designs to capture the spirit of the time.

Often credited as the best decade for fashion and beauty, the decade is characterised by its bell-bottom trousers, maxi dresses, knee-high boots and platform shoes. The disco culture may not be coming back anytime soon, but the trends inspired by its stars remain chic, stylish, and loveable to this day.

Another key trend is matching suits for ladies – think smart blazers with straight legged trousers, perfect for work.

1980s Fashion

Inspired by style icons such as Madonna and Princess Dianna, the fashion trends of the 1980s are marked by their shiny extravaganza.

While it began with a view to minimising the spectacle of the previous decade with blazers, turtle necks, and trench coats; the rise of Madonna soon turned minimalism on its head. Thanks to her bold experimentations, women all over the world soon started wearing underwear as outerwear, slim miniskirts, long flared skirts, fur coats, extra-large scarves and so on.

Bold and colourful geometric retro patterns also became a part of the mainstream in this decade, thanks to the brave nature of the working-class women of the 80s.

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