Home Makeover: Finishing Touches That Make A Notable Impression

A complete home makeover can be a fascinating if somewhat stressful undertaking. While your home interiors will massively impact the atmosphere in your home, you want to be certain you don’t miss the important details.

When we consider the big picture in a home makeover, we often forget the little things. Do you go with maple or oak skirting boards? What treatments will you use on exposed wood?

There is a cacophony of smaller details that play a significant role in the final impression and aesthetic of your home. Overlooking the finer details can also derail your vision. The devil is most definitely, as they say, in the details. We have compiled our list of top-finishing touches you should always consider when remodelling your home.

Thematic Colour Accent

We generally tend to treat every room in our home as a separate space. There is nothing wrong with giving each space a unique feel and design, but visual continuity is fundamental to avoid your home feeling disjointed and tacky.

The easiest and arguably best way of achieving visual continuity is by selecting a single accent colour to bring into play throughout your home. Rooms can then be as unique as you like whilst maintaining a thematic undertone that visually connects your home. If you’re one of those who changes their mind often, you can;t beat painting walls in a fresh cream, and dedicating an accent wall to a key trend colour, or make it a feature with wallpaper. Then, when you do change your mind later down the line, you just have that one wall to switch up…

A Touch Of You

It is understandably easy to get so wrapped up in a home makeover that you forget that you still live in the space. No makeover is complete without reflecting your personality in the design. This also goes a very long way to making a home feel warm and welcoming.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to do this, consider your hobbies and interests. Perhaps you play a musical instrument that you can display in your living area – an acoustic guitar always looks fresh and modern, adding a touch of quirkiness.

Maybe you are keen on creative writing, in which case you could use a vintage typewriter to represent this passion.

Light As Design

To take a practical and pragmatic approach to light is to miss out on an opportunity to bring emphasis and life to a room. Lighting for the purpose of necessary illumination lacks imagination. By creating lighting solutions unique to every space, you imbue decor with depth and contrast.

There is no need for light fittings and stands to fill only the role of lighting either. You can combine various options to compliment your aesthetic. Modern pendulum lighting offers a lot of flexibility, but don’t discount the standing floor and table lamps. Floor lamps are great for adding that cosy and ambient touch, especially to larger rooms.

A Touch Of Life

Plants and flowers are a staple of decor, but they are generally used in very mundane ways. You need to not have a standing palm plant that resembles a basic ‘copy and paste’ variety. There are so many unique and exciting houseplants that make a real statement and match any decor. You could have an array of cacti, an aloe vera plant, or bundles of false eucalyptus for that shabby chic look.

Your choices should be informed by the amount of time and effort you are willing to spend maintaining indoor foliage. It would be best if you also considered needs like the amount of direct sunlight a plant may require. A dolphin succulent will quickly transform into a dead succulent if you don’t have the time for it, so consider carefully and be realistic!

Overall, it’s worth thinking about you, your personality, your tastes and how often you will be able to do the ‘upkeep’ of your home. Don’t be swayed by trends that don’t naturally fit in with your life and desires, and also don’t be swayed by other peoples opinions, too!

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