The Modern Way To Decorate Your Home at Christmas

With Christmas being only a good week and a half away, I thought I’d take a good look at something that is being talked about a lot: the modern way  to decorate your homes.

See, I have to admit, I have the fondest memories on Christmas from being a child. Most of the happy memories come from the cheese and the tack that is associated with Christmas.

You know where I’m coming from – tinsel, big angels on tree tops, singing santa’s, lights around house windows, arches of candles on window ledges, trees lit up outside the house with lights, paper card racks, streamers and hanging metallic decorations for the ceiling.

I came across an article online in which Christmas retailer Festive Lights compiled, looking at the trends in Christmas decorations, past and present. The article is called Christmas Past, Present & Future of Christmas Lights, which you can read here if you like, and it made me reminisce about the old ways we used to light up our homes for the festive period.

I guess it is radically changing. As the article explains, everyone is going all digital, with app controlled twinkling lights for the home. 

Even though Christmas is getting modern, it doesn’t have to mean that we give up on the twinkling lights and comical displays that were once strong. 

Here’s a list of 10 modern Christmas decor ideas perfect for decorating your home just in time for the holidays – the modern, do-able way!

Tidy Trees

You know it’s Christmas time when the tree decorations start sprouting up. Whether it’s a simple minimal DIY version or a classy store bought one, Christmas tree decor adds a festive touch to your home without feeling overwhelming or over the top.

A modern up-coming trend which is taken from the whole scandi style is the use of wooden trees. So small, minimal wooden trees that can be placed on mantle pieces or side boards, or, the even more so creative log trees, like this one below. 

I found so much info on these over on Design Milk and Pinterest. 

Stylish Stockings

Hanging stockings is one of the oldest and easiest ways to make a home feel ready for the holidays. However, back in the day, stockings for each family member would line the fireplace, usually in the traditional Christmas colour schemes of red, white and green. And if not, they were adorned with Santas face! 

Now, you tend to find minimalist style stockings with simple patterns in neutral colors hanging from the mantle, giving a modern and festive feel.

People now like to get them personalised with Children’s names, or use a fuss free print, like polka dots or stripes.

Elegant Garlands

Christmas garlands are a beautiful and simple way to help make your house feel more festive. Back in the day, they involved tinsel and streamers hanging from our ceilings, but now they can be anything from rustic table runner alternatives, or sleek mantle piece embellishments that bring texture and colour into your space. 

Or, people are starting to use pretty lights in one clean, crisp colour, like white, gold or silver to act as a bright garland. My modern favourite are these Plug In Copper Firefly Wire Curtain Lights, in a Warm White LED from Festive Lights. 

Other very classic, stylish garlands come in pines and frosted branched, gold leaf, black cardboard, or even sleek metal chains. I love this super modern yet simple ‘MERRY’ one I discovered on Pinterest below…

Rustic and Cosy Vibes

Another trend for the future is the whole cosy, apres ski village type feel, with heated log fires and flickering flames. The way it’s going seems to be with app controlled devices.

The article I referenced before shares this year’s big hit, which is Twinkly – a range of app-controlled Christmas lights set to revolutionise the Christmas market. Using either your iOS or Android device a simple, smart app allows you to change not only the colour of the individual lights on your Christmas tree, but also the pattern and effects the lights will play.

And soon, they will have app controlled light up logs for your fireplace, and ‘dim-able’ lights for outside your home…

As long as the Christmas vibe doesn’t die, and we still can keep that little element of tackiness and cheese every now and again, I’ll be happy!

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