How To Be Super Organised in 2019.

With the arrival of 2019 just around the corner, and a shiny new year in sight, many of us like to make a resolution (or several).

I have to say, I’m a sucker for a good life revamp, and New Year is a great time to start some fresh new changes, and start off the year with a bang. Sticking to those resolutions, on the other hand, is another story. I tend to have a 3 month span before I collapse them and slowly watch them become memories. Ooops.

If you’re anything like me, you may find you’re the the kind of person who finds themselves swimming in clutter and disorganisation year after year – despite your best efforts. I never have time to get on top of everything. but then I have to stop and ask myself: is it really just time? Or am I just so disorganised?!

I’m going to make 2019 the year of being super organised. From my home office to my handbag, stationary and diaries, bedroom, desktop, and beyond, here’s some ideas to get organised…

1. Diaries and To-Do Lists

So 2018 was the year I stopped using my paper diary and started making all my to do lists electronic, and I also stopped writing down dates, events and meetings. Instead, I’ll just add them to by google calendar on my iPhone. It’s worked for me, but sometimes plans will be made or deadlines will be set when I’m not with my phone (or it’s died!) and it can be easy to miss recording things. 

I feel like nothing quite compared to the days I would make daily to do lists in my diary, constantly scribbling ideas down, and had everything recorded under the set date. So in 2019, I’m going back to basics. I’m returning to the paper world and going to get list crazy!

2. Organise my business

2018 was the year I finally went self employed, after talking about doing it for what seems like forever. I won’t lie, it’s friggin’ hard work, and sometimes I get what people mean when they say it’s not as fabulous as it looks. But, that being said, I won’t be changing the situation unless I absolutely have to. I love being my own boss, and working in the blogging, influencer and content writing industry is what I’ve always been best at.

So getting up every day and working on the areas I’m the most passionate about, without having stuffy management and corporate companies to report to, is brilliant. I don’t have to set my alarm for 6.45 every morning to make sure I hit targets for anyone else. But sadly, I have the pressure of setting my own deadlines and earning enough to see me through everyday, along with having savings, setting tax aside, and holidays. 

For 2019, I’m going to invest in some stylish new business cards and work on getting my brand identification right. I need professional leaflets printed for my events, high impact presentation folders, clip folders and tab dividers – everything that screams an organised business. 

I go to a lot of meetings and it’s great to have a nice, good quality presentation folder with me to keep my media pack and all my portfolios tucked away in. 

3. Look a weekly planners

I don’t just mean this for my to-do lists and for work, but more for my health, wealth and social life!

One thing I need to use weekly planners for is for meal planning. I’ve gone right off track for healthy eating this year, even bringing back dairy and a hell of a lot of sugar into my diet. Diary and sugar make my acne a lot worse, so I tend to be strict with my intake. However, this year, everything went out of the window, and my face (and waistline) is sure reflecting it!

It would be great to use a weekly planner to track how much I’m spending on things that aren’t necessary too. For example, I should probably have shares in Starbucks the amount of Caramel Macchiatos I purchase through the week. I’m also thinking about keeping a track of how much time I spend visiting friends and going out for dinner and drinks. 

My time is so precious and I’m definitely not spending it as wisely as I could. I feel perhaps a few pretty weekly planners to get in order for the new year will be a massive help! 

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