The Game of Thrones Beaches to Visit This Summer

The show might be over, but its legacy is guaranteed to stick around for a while. Game of Thrones has definitely managed to charm more people than many shows before it, and one of the reasons for that is the stunning destinations where it was filmed.

So, if you’ve been a huge fan of the show, and you’re not too disappointed about the way it ended, here are some beaches you should visit this summer and relive the best moments of the show.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city at the southern tip of Croatia, and its where many notable shots were made, including most of those that were set in King’s Landing. It’s a very touristy city surrounded by stunning nature, so if you’re not into crowds, you can also visit off-season. Here, you can walk the streets and imagine yourself as one of the citizens of the capital, or you can do your own “walk of shame”.

There are also many Game of Thrones tours that would take you to all the key spots, like the Church of St Ignatius or Pile Harbor, so you can sign up for those as well. This way, you’d also get to hear what it was like to live there while the show was being filmed. All in all, this city has an amazing atmosphere, so you definitely wouldn’t regret visiting it.

Northern Ireland

More than a few scenes were filmed in Northern Ireland, so you should add it to your list as well. For example, Downhill Beach is where Stannis Baratheon accepted the Lord of Light and burned the statues of the Seven. In real life, it’s seven miles long and perfect for all kinds of activities, from water sports to scenic walks.

Northern Ireland is also home to Ballintoy Harbor – the harbor of the Iron Islands where Theon first reconnects with Yara. Ballintoy is a small but very picturesque village – perfect for soaking up the atmosphere, taking some fantastic photos, and just relaxing in the scenery. Finally, if you happen to be from the Land Down Under, you should look into the Europe sim card, as you can use it both in Croatia and in Northern Ireland.

Essaouira, Morocco

This location is where Daenerys finally gets her army of the Unsullied, meets her loyal friend Missandei, and becomes “the breaker of chains”. Essaouira is where Astapor is in the show, but in real life, it is a city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

Here, you can explore numerous small alleys and enjoy the amazing ocean view. Moreover, this destination is very popular with those who love windsurfing and kitesurfing, so if you happen to be into more dynamic activities, there’s one more reason to visit it. Moreover, if you find the time, you should also visit Aït Benhaddou – a.k.a. Yunkai, the first city that Daenerys Targaryen conquered with her new army.

Bermeo, Basque Country

Bermeo is a fishing town in the Basque Country, and it’s home to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe – an islet that is a part of Daenerys’s base in Westeros, Dragonstone. Here, you can literally walk in the steps of Daenerys to where she was born, as the path she and Jon Snow took is a part of a man-made land bridge leading to a small church at the top.

If she was your favorite character, this is a great way to feel a bit closer to her. Moreover, the sights you can see from this location are truly breathtaking, so even though you might not be able to see the castle (it’s computer-generated), what you can see would still be worth the trip. Additionally, take the opportunity to visit the Itzurun Beach as well – the entry point to the Dragonstone.

Regardless of whether you think the show ended with a bang or a whimper, nobody can deny the beauty of the scenes. So, if you’re still struggling with letting go, or if you simply want to relive your favorite moments of the show, visiting some of the gorgeous beaches is one of the best ways to do it. As Oberyn Martell said, it is a big and beautiful world, so enjoy exploring it and learning more about it. 

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