The Boredom Busting Ideas For Kids This Easter

Worried about keeping the kids busy this Easter? Try one of these boredom busting ideas…

One thing is for sure, Spring is in full swing. I’ve seen daffodils, tulips and even a few buds on the trees around the house. Lambs, chicks and I’ve even seen the sun shining on more than one occasion! With Spring well and truly making it’s mark all around us, it’s time to start thinking about Easter and what you’re going to have planned for the kids.

Although, just because it’s Spring, it doesn’t always mean that we get the weather that we want. With Spring being full of showers, a cold breeze and even a flurry of snow! So, if you’re worrying about how you’ll keep the kids busy this Easter – especially if the weather isn’t on your side – then don’t panic!

If the weather is anything to go off, it’s looking like in the UK, we’re down for a lovely and warm Easter weekend (this is due to a weather check one week before….so lets hope it doesn’t change much!).

So if this stays true, the main thing is to get yourself outside! Even if you have very young little ones, who need prams and push chairs to get around, you can work this into a sunny outdoor walk finished off with a picnic.

If you need to update your pram in time for the Easter weekend, don’t forget you can always opt for second hand one. I find is a great place to start…

Here, I’ve rounded up 5 of the easiest ways to keep your children busy and hopefully entertained until the sun comes out again!

Online activities

Fire up the computer and get the kids working on some online activities. Whether that’s printing off some colouring pages – check out for the latest prices – or get them on some maths or English pages and get them keeping on top of their school work.

If they’re working hard then you can reward them with a tasty snack or a chocolatey treat afterwards.


All kids enjoy baking, whether that’s the littlest ones helping to stir the bowl or the older ones using the scales and measuring out the ingredients. They all love licking the spoon, no matter how old they are!

Head online or dig out an old cookbook and find a super simple recipe for them to follow. Give them age appropriate stages to help with and make sure they help you tidy up afterwards! If baking is a little too messy for you right now, then buy some ready made buns and let the kids decorate them with icing and sweets.

Catch up with some reading

There’s something really comforting about snuggling up on the sofa while the rain is lashing at the windows outside. So, pull you little ones near and sit and read a couple of stories together.

Take your time and let them explore the illustrations. If you want to read more than one story, then let them choose a book each and take it in turns sitting on your lap.

Get them in the bath

It might not be bath night, but when you’re trying to keep them busy and get them out of your hair for a while, then putting them in the bath will certainly kill two birds with one stone. Let them bathe, play with their toys and make potions with bubble mix.

You could even make it more exciting by unleashing a bath bomb or two. Depending on their age, you can leave them unsupervised for a little while so you can get a few jobs done around the house.

Let them help

There’s nothing little ones love more than being like mummy or daddy. So let them help you empty the washing machine. Or give them a clean dishcloth and instruct them to wipe things down!

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