The Art of the Staycation – Destination, Travel and Activities

With holidaying abroad so difficult following the more than well-documented events of 2020, many are turning to the “staycation”. Holidaying in the UK has become thought of as rather old fashioned, with formerly glorious seaside resorts left to rust as thousands jet off for sunnier climes each year – but no longer.


Back in May 2020, the UK government urged the British public to holiday at home rather than book risky trips abroad that may result in them having to self-isolate upon return. A by-product of this – whether it works or not remains to be seen – would be the revival of the domestic tourism industry.

However, with so many British citizens unaccustomed to taking a domestic holiday, large swathes of the population were unsure where to go, how to get there and what to do once they arrived.

In order to perfect the art of the staycation, one must get three essential parts absolutely spot-on. They are the destination, the travel and the activities. 


The most visited place in the UK is, unsurprisingly, London. With many of those looking to holiday at home in the coming months potentially living in London already, it could be another part of the country that sees an influx of visitors.

Travel is dependent on the relevant governing body’s rules and regulations – remember there was a time when English residents were not permitted to enter Wales for non-essential journeys – but the mountains of Snowdonia and further north in Scotland are likely to be ideal getaways for city dwellers.

Picking a destination is not easy, but by considering the distance, cost, amenities and weather, a family should be able to reach a happy conclusion.


Once a destination is decided on, the method of transportation needs to be settled. Check out Lichfield van hire if you are taking large items of equipment – perhaps for camping or canoeing – from The Midlands as this will save you heaps of hassle if you have no, or even just a small, car.

Train travel in the UK is notoriously expensive unless you book precise times weeks in advance, so consider car hire or even domestic flights.


A survey in July 2020 showed that over 50% of those looking to travel in the UK wanted to visit friends and family, with walking or hiking (43.7%) and going to the beach (42.3%) in second and third.

Nailing down exactly what the purpose of the staycation is will help determine the travel and destination, showing that the three main elements of the trip are intrinsically linked. For instance, if travelling with heavy loads of equipment then one would likely not take the train, and if visiting the beach is a top priority then a city break to Edinburgh is not exactly ideal.

Final thoughts

Staycations, for all the British population knows, could become the “new normal”, along with so many other aspects of life that have changed. They can be quite the operation, so proper planning and a cool head are required to make sure Blackpool feels like Barcelona.

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