Practical Updates for An Enviable Kitchen

All you have to do these days is have a quick glance at home interior inspiration websites, and you’ll see that kitchen-envy is huge.

However, it’s not all about the lavish, extravagant kitchens with space wasting islands in the middle and American style fridges. It’s more about creating a space which is all about our love for cooking, creating a cosy foodie inspired place to cook to our hearts content and feel right at home.

You want to have solid basics in place which serve their purpose, and lead into a practical and pleasing-to-the-eye kitchen space. Fresh kitchen doors, a matching theme around the room, and natural light flowing through are the first things to consider.

Then ask yourself: is this modern British kitchen trend hard to achieve from here onwards? Not at all! It also doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Here are several tips of updating your kitchen to make it a prettier place.  

Cupboard cleanliness

You don’t need to think about having an entire refit to improve the look of your kitchen. The first thing you will be aware of is your counter tops and cupboards, so make sure these look clean, bright and attractive.

The best way to do this is to keep on top of your cupboards and don’t let them start falling apart. Modern kitchens these days have started to take on a sleek, contemporary feel and even utilise glass doors on cupboards for that all exposed look.

Replace doors and hinge when need to, or perhaps even spruce up the look of them by investing in new handles?

Another tip is to paint your kitchen cabinets instead. If you have natural wood finishing’s, this might sound crazy but some new generation paints are designed especially for this, and the finished look can be incredible. It’s best to choose flat matte shades in creams, pastel colours and neutrals, which will give a natural look. Pick a stain resistant one if you want to keep your paint as fresh as ever!

Create an attractive window space

Your kitchen window can easily become more than just the place you gaze out of when avoiding doing the washing up. The first thing is to ensure it is clean and displays clarity, which means making cleaning the windows a priority.

Remember it’s both the inside and outside of the windows that need working on, so if you feel this is a time-consuming job, look for a window cleaner than can effectively do this task for you.

Then look at ways to make your window area have a little extra interest to it. One of the ways to make it represent a real traditional British kitchen is to fill the area with home-grown herbs. You can line up basil pots, trays of thyme, oregano and parsley, whichever ones you will get use out of when cooking!

Be in keeping with durable, classic features

If you go too stylish with overdesigned sinks, taps and appliances, they could start to date as soon as interior trends switch up.

The best features you have around your kitchen are those that will always be durable and look classic and timeless. Opt for traditional sink areas with high shine, sleek silver taps. Serious cooks love practicality, so look at ovens which are known for doing their job properly and saving time, not just looking sophisticated.

If you’re house is one where your kitchen is on the top or middle floor of the house – like the new townhouses that are being built across new housing estates – you could even add a touch of class by adding glass to the floor or stair areas surrounding your kitchen. It’s incredible how toughened glass can give a premium, luxury look when used for flooring!

Create a family friendly area

Your kitchen should become a welcoming space for the whole family. Kitchens do a great job when they can cater for both cooking and serving, along with entertaining the family and becoming a gathering point. It could be worth browsing online for kitchen inspiration to see what other kitchens have that yours is lacking. You could spot a kitchen which is designed around a dining area, which is space saving, for the kids to eat when they come home from school. Or, you could be inspired by a different type of worktop or cupboard theme to what you have already.

Some people may need a complete overhaul, and consider kitchens for sale. Others, it might just be that they need a few small updates.

You should make sure your kitchen is practical as well, by visiting retailers like Simply Plastics and looking at their kitchen splashbacks.

Think about how you use the space. If your kitchen faces the garden, look at placing the dining table and seating areas to look outwards. You could even fix a flat screen TV onto one of the walls of the kitchen, especially if your kitchen leads directly into a dining area. This encourages the kitchen and dining spaces to become communal and open. After all, food brings people together, right?

Spruce up counter tops

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to inherit ugly countertops in your home, then sadly, they are one of the costliest elements to replace.

Instead, look at cheating here. Cover up any counter tops you don’t like with large scale, attractive wooden chopping blocks. You could place a couple of these across the counter tops you use most for preparing the food.

Think about creating distractions with the items you place onto the counters. Rows of cooking books, appealing spice racks, knife blocks and sleek looking appliances such as microwaves could all take the attention away.

Once you’ve created a pretty looking kitchen, the next step is to tear yourself away from Pinterest and start enjoying the enviable kitchen you have just designed!

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