Temple Spa Evening at Harbour Hotel Southampton

Most of you know by now I’m an avid skincare addict. I’ve kinda made skincare my ‘thing’ over the past ten years, reviewing and sharing on the internet. However, there’s usually a theme. I don’t tend to review any brand that is out there, or buy/try out every range. I always stick to two main categories: acne/pigmented skincare brands, and wellness/natural skincare brands.

Believe it or not, people are spending more money these days indulging in pampering and wellness treats, such as spa days, facials and massages. In a world where we’ve become so glued to technology, working around the clock, limiting ourselves with sleep and self-care…. I can totally see why this rise has happened.

Yes, people might be struggling more with money as prices of everything rise. However, we’re smarter when it comes to our health and mental wellbeing. We’re smarter when it comes to looking after our skin and our bodies. We know the results we can get when we treat our skin, and invest in skincare luxury.

Not to mention, skincare and beauty is also getting smarter now. So it’s easier to see results much more quickly in today’s advanced world.

I’ve talked about Temple Spa before on the blog, and regularly share the brand over on my Instagram stories. You might be familiar with the brand from any spa hotels or spa breaks you’ve been on, as Temple Spa are predominately featured across many of the UK’s luxury hotel. That’s how I was first introduced to the brand, after seeing them appear at some of the most beautiful hotels.

After that, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with the brand, and met the founders at an intimate event last year at The Soho Hotel, London.

It was at that event that I feel in love with a number of their products, including The Power Breakfast, Repose Aromatherapy Balm, and the Windows of the Soul Eye Cream – all three have become staples within my beauty and skincare collection. You may have even seen me raving about The Power Breakfast over on here before, which is both an exfoliating mask and facial scrub. It literally leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth and soft, and instantly brighter. It’s one of the few products I use that I own which seems to deliver what it says super super fast.

Temple Spa have now launched at Southampton’s 5 star Harbour Hotel. This launch brings that touch of luxury and expert skincare to hotel and spa guests, either booking in for facials or massages.

To celebrate the launch, a handful of beauty bloggers were invited along to the wonderful Southampton Harbour Hotel, which was my first trip ever to Southampton! We celebrated the launch of Temple Spa to their Harbour Spa by having a lovely evening giving ourselves our own Temple Spa facial, and trying out products which suit our skin.

Of course, the teamed shown us how to do a full skin analysis first so we could decide on the products which suit our skin types the most, which made it much easier to use the best performing products.

I started off using their In The Beginning Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup. On this particular day, I had quite severe breakouts on my left cheek. You know the large cystic style acne. I did feel a little self conscious at first, but the group were so lovely, everyone had their makeup off and we were all excitedly discussing skincare, so I soon dropped any nervous feelings.

The balm is truly divine – the texture is soft and creamy, almost velvet like, and it was a dream to remove my make up with this followed by a warm hand towel mitt.

The next step was to try out the range of face masks. Now because I was suffering breakouts on only one side of my face, I wanted to mix it up a little. And you know, it’s something I should probably do more at home. The beauty of masking is that you can apply different types of masks to different parts of the face, depending on the skins needs. My left cheek clearly needed something unclogging and detoxifying, yet my right cheek was in need of more nourishing and brightening.

Here, I used the Trufflesque Mask on my right cheek – a shimmery golden mask which is one of the most premium products at Temple Spa. It’s a power packed anti-ageing radiance masque which has been clinically proven to boost hydration and improve skin after just one application. After leaving on for around 15 minutes (you can tailor this!) it reveals instant radiance, a plumped complexion, and with added firming and rejuvenating benefits.

On the other cheek – the acne prone one – I reached for the Purification mask. Now this one is fabulous for those who have blackheads/whiteheads around the nose/jaw/forehead too, and especially for those with oily skin!

I love the thick texture of the charcoal like formula, which works as a great anti-blemish treatment. I left this on for 15 minutes, and once removed with warm water, it felt immediatley like the mask had flushed out all the grime from my blocked pores!

It also leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed, not pink and warm, and worked to control my oil levels straight away. I was all matte and de-clogged – it felt amazing! Honestly the next day I swear my acne was massively calmed down and less red/angry…

As we were at a private event at the Harbour Spa Hotel, we were treated to the most delicious Mediterranean inspired lunch – I mean, just look at the spread! The Arancini balls were incredible, much credit to the chefs for working on this for us. It was just delightful and I literally went up for around 4-5 servings. Ooops!

My first visit to Southampton was so so lovely, I was honestly so blown away with the beauty of this hotel.

It’s set out to mini a cruise ship, as it’s based at Ocean Village close to where all the cruise ships set sail. Such a unique and super elegant design, truly one of it’s own for it’s exterior.

I found out upon my stay that this place is Southampton’s only 5-star hotel, offering 119 luxury rooms including 10 suites, an award-winning restaurant, a luxury spa with state-of-the-art gym, a destination rooftop bar, and stunning contemporary interiors throughout. When they say stunning contemporary interiors, they really mean it. I’ve decided to share all my photos from my overnight stay here on this blog, so you can have a good old browse and the exquisite interior.

It’s literally uber modern, fresh and airy, with fabulous views of the ships and the waterfront, giving me those cruise ships vibes.

One of the highlights of my stay was checking out the hotel breakfast! I mean, hotel breakfast is always a bit of a luxury, right? But this one really did push the boat out – excuse the slight pun their!

The dining area is situated on the top floor, with tables looking out onto the waterside. It meant I could enjoy my morning coffee and avocado and poached eggs on toast while just staring out onto the sea.

Again, a beautiful interior, filled with plus pink booths, leather sofas, stylish stools and lots of fabric prints spanning across a wide and spacious floor.

Thank you to Temple Spa and the Harbour Hotel for hosting me. Another fantastic discovery evening which made me fall in love with Temple Spa even more. I’m now sold on both the Trufflesque Masque along with the Purification masque, and will be adding these to my growing collection of Temple Spa luxury skincare!

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