Personalised Gifts For Mother’s Day 2020

Looking for Mother’s Day gifts for Mother’s Day 2020, that have that cute, personal touch? Don’t forget that the day is fast approaching – March 22nd 2020 to be precise – so it’s a great time to start your gift hunt now that march has begun.

For many of you, Mum’s can be so hard to buy for. Unless you have a Mum who has quite a prominent hobby which involved constantly buying ‘things’ for it, most of us struggle. She has perfume, she has jewellery… and if she doesn’t she probably received them for Christmas or her last birthday.

Now flowers never get old. Flowers symbolise something lovely, precious and thoughtful, and we only usually receive flowers as an expression of love. But could there be something added to the flowers that give that personal touch?

There are two things that spring to mind for me: adding a beautifully written poem print to the gift, or adding ‘extras’ to the bouquet that give that little sweet touch. For example, why not look at bunching up a bouquet of your Mum’s favourite flavours with a printed ribbon? You could get a pretty pattern adorned onto the ribbon, or have a look at the range of recycled satin ribbons if your Mum is keep on sustainability.

Think about screen printing and what message would melt your Mum’s heart. It could be a little saying that the two of you share, or just a simple ‘Happy Mother’s Day Love From XXXX’ (insert your name).

Of you could even see if a print/pattern that resembles something important to you both could be printed onto the ribbon.

Alongside a heartwarming poem print keepsake and a gorgeous bunch of flowers, wrapping up the gifts also makes a huge impact. You could choose a Mother’s Day poem print like the ones featured in this post (or even one that isn’t such a typical message, and tailor it to something personal to your Mum’s journey) and then use personalised wrapping paper, tissue paper and ribbons.

Or, add a splash of colour with something loud and proud, like rainbow ribbon. Just have a think of your Mum’s personality and try to recreate the ‘vibe’ with the colours and words of the gift. Honestly, a bunch of pretty flowers and a sweet poem print frame will work wonders for both the colours/words/vibe – soft rosy hues and a traditional poem for the quieter, classic Mum’s, and bold blues and rainbow ribbons for the wilder!

The range of poem prints featured in this gift guide can be super powerful, depending on the life your Mum has lead. If she has sadly faced divorce, illness or grief, the ‘She is Strong’ and ‘She is Brave’ prints would make the nicest supportive gifts.

If she’s keen on travelling, the ‘She is The World’ print would be fantastic, and for a general all round superstar print, ‘She is a Star’ is another winner.

The bottom line here is to thing about meaning, and think about the keepsake value. Mum’s love flowers, but once they have had their day after a week or so, the keepsake print then remains as a ‘forever gift’. Then, any extras like personalised ribbon or a heartfelt card can also add that extra touch.

And if your Mum loves a bit of fizz, why not add a bottle of Prosecco to the gift so you can enjoy it together? There’s got to be something in it for you too, of course! I mean, if you can afford to push the boat out, by all means go for Champagne. But ALDI do a really good bottle of Prosecco – I can definitely vouch for that…

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