Tattu Winter 2019 Menu Review, Manchester

I’v been super excited for the past week or two to put this review together after recently visiting Tattu, because I know so many people out there love this Chinese inspired restaurant.

The first time I ever came to Tattu was for a friends 30th birthday, in which she reserved the events space in the restaurant and I got to try out a range of sharing plates. I was pretty obsessed with the place after that, from the deep scented incense on arrival, to the pretty pink tree decor and dimly lit booths.

Now that summer is coming to a close and we’re entering Autumn/Winter, this place was top of my list when it came to taking up Winter menu reviews in and around Manchester. I just know when I share this review on Instagram, people are going to love this because it just remains as one of Manchester’s finest eateries. Along with food, it rates pretty high up with it’s cocktail array too. Not to mention being one hell of an insta-worthy place!

So, as Tattu has now revealed details of its latest à la carte menu after it launched earlier this month, I wanted to share my Winter menu experience with you and give a sneak peek of whats on offer.

The new menu has been developed by executive chef Andrew Lassetter and his team, which features a total of 17 new dishes across its small plates and main dishes, Alongside this, you can expect a host of new indulgent desserts offering the Tattu’s largest sweet menu to date. I’m always a dessert girl, I have such a sweet tooth!

When we arrived, our waiter took us to a cute little booth upstairs perfectly situated to the side of the cherry blossom tree. Honestly, every time I visit this place the decor is just the loveliest and always makes me feel quite special to be dining there.

Our waiter let us browse the extensive list of cocktails (I spied a white espresso martini and thought I’d died and gone to heaven, I mean, I’ve never seen them before!), before he kindly talked us through some of the new dishes.

Joining the small plates section, newbies include the new Asian-style Beef Carpaccio served with truffle, ichimi and artichoke chips, as well as Soft Shell Crab XO with green chilli, spring onion and coriander. Another welcome addition is the delicate Tuna Yuzu Ceviche served with avocado, chives and black pepper.

I decided to try out the Beef Carpaccio as my guest went for the Peking Duck Bon Bons with sweet and sour and sesame. I always like to give one of the new dishes a try, and as beef isn’t something I have a lot at home, I jumped at trying this out.

The presentation of both dishes came out perfectly, like small plate works-of-art. What I must point out at this stage is that the starters menu at Tattu is brilliant for picking your own small plate, but even better for choosing an array and sharing them with your friends/family/partner.

The portions are enough for one person, so even though they are referred to as small plates and encourage sharing, one small plate is ideal as a one plate starter dish.

The bon bons were delicious – so juicy with a soft coating. And as for the new beef dish – just look at the layout below! The truffle and artichoke chips gave this beef a completely unique taste, which was fabulous to try. I have to say, the thinly sliced beef with it’s full on flavour made me realise how tasty Asian style beef can be, and that I should probably be more experimental and opt for beef as a starter more often when I dine out Asian style.

I can’t get enough of truffle, but have never tried it this way before. Infused with the Beef Carpaccio was just delightful…

For the main event, the new additions included the Wok-fired Angry Bird Chicken with roasted chilli peppers and sesame honey soy, which I can bet most people will be going for! I almost did, as the sesame honey soy sold it for me, but at the last minute I chose one of their all time favourite dishes instead, the Chicken Curry Clay Pot with Baby onions, coconut and wasabi pea puree.

Also on the newbie list was Ginger Miso Black Cod served with hoba leaf, pickled lime and daikon salad. I can imagine this is what my mum would order, who loves going for fish options when we eat out.

Adding to Tattu’s vegetarian and vegan options is a warming King Oyster Mushroom Hot Pot served with baby spinach, silken tofu and yuzu truffle soy.

The curry was thick, creamy and rich with a slight spice – but not too spicy! The meat was juicy, soft and flavoursome, but I think the sauce of really sold it for me. It made a great sauce for dipping the side order of Special Fried Sweet Potatoes and Duck Egg Fried Rice with Chinese sausage in! And yes you read that right – what a unique rice combination! Literally ten out of ten for rice choices here. It was between that one or the X.O Fried Rice and Chicken, shrimp and pancetta option. Mmmmmm! Makes a refreshing change from the usual contenders.

And then comes dessert! They have introduced a tempting new trio of desserts to the new menu which I was super excited to have a read about. One of them is the Chocolate Brownie Pagoda – a three-tiered masterpiece featuring layers of homemade brownie topped with a chocolate parcel containing a sumptuous mascarpone ice cream.

Another mouth watering one is the new dessert wontons which are filled with milk and dark chocolate, spiced orange and coffee flavours served with a plum dipping sauce. Literally drooling just thinking about it.

One of the most popular and much-loved Tattu desserts, however, is the Cherry Blossom which comes in at £9. It features chocolate mousse, cherry
and candyfloss and comes in this bowl filled with cool steam – make sure you’re happy for the attention you’ll get when this lands on your table!

We shared this, and it was literally 2 minutes of bliss, because I completely devoured the thing in that amount of time.

And finally, while still on the topic of desserts, Tattu have launched an Asian Pear Sticky Toffee pudding with flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and almond delivering a warming vegan dessert for the colder months.

Tattu’s seasonal sharing menus will also feature an array of the new dishes starting from £42 per person. Each menu is perfect for groups wanting to embrace the traditional style of Chinese dining with a host of dishes to share. For bigger groups the large party menus are designed for nine or more and will deliver a feast for all come the festive season.

As everyone always asks me about prices, I’d say Tattu is at the higher end of pricing when it comes to cuisine and dining out in Manchester, but the prices do reflect the experience and quality that is delivered.

Firstly, in my opinion, Tattu is a luxury dining experience in the heart of Spinningfields, perfect for occasions and for those who appreciate great food and excellent service. If you want to experience the most unique cocktail art and fabulous food, it’s a place worth exploring, and the price does reflect that.

Small plates range from £8-£15, with large plates starting at £14, and sides to add on from £4.

The winter menu is truly delightful – it’s a place I really want to return to for date night!

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