Royal Nawaab Manchester Review: The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

As most of you know, I’m constantly running in and around Manchester to bring you the most honest restaurant reviews the city has to offer. Spring/Summer menus, Autumn.Winter menus, cocktail launches…. the list is always ongoing and I thoroughly enjoy it!

However, this particular restaurant visit was a little different to those I have been doing over the past few months. This time, I headed out of the city to a place called Levenshulme, which some of you might be familiar with for one main reason: it’s the home of Royal Nawaab.

This 5 star Asian buffet has been open for many many years, attracting hundreds of people at a time due to it’s large, spacious dining area. It’s busy and bustling as soon as you enter the grand building and follow the hall into the restaurant. I have to say, I was overly surprised at the volume of people there dining at 7pm on a Wednesday evening. The place was full, and we were welcomed by super friendly staff who lead us to our table.

In a nutshell, Royal Nawaab offers dining with a twist. It feels rather elegant upon entering, but the concept is very relaxed and easy going. You can take your plates and fill up as you please at the all-you-can-eat buffet, or order from the menu – whatever you please.

Staff are on hand all over the place. Every time I turned around, there was a helpful member of staff waiting on tables, bringing drinks and discussing food options.

Some things to note before: it’s a 100% halal eatery, and there is also no alcohol license here. It is worth knowing about the license before you go as some Pakistani and Indian buffets do have a license, but instead, Royal Nawaab focus on exotic mocktails which go nicely with the Indian flavours of the food.

If you’re from Manchester and know the area a little, you’ll find this place located along the central axis that represents Stockport Road. It has made a home for itself in a former cinema that was converted into the Pakistan and Indian restaurant, and seems to just grow in popularity. Whether it’s an occasion or an event, or just a quiet week night feast for two, they cater for it. Upstairs is the banquet hall, the ideal place for weddings and celebrations.

Downstairs is where the huge dining room is, in which you don’t have to make a reservation – there are more than 200 seats! Just prepare to have a little wait on the busier periods, such as the weekends, as like I mentioned earlier, this places seems overly popular!

I brought my Dad with me as I know he loves experimenting with curries and enjoys a good old Indian feast. If you’re into Pakistani and Indian cuisine, this place is really going to spoil you. We took to our table and ordered a round of mocktails, before taking in the chefs cooking fresh food behind the buffet layout and furnaces.

I tried to count how many curries were cooked up and ready to serve on the buffet, but due to the sheer volume of people helping themselves and piling their plates high, it was quite hard to say. Perhaps 12 or 13?

For me, I went straight to the Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Massala, Chicken Korma and then the Chat Massala.

The key thing about this place is that although it focuses on serving up an extensive array of curries, starters and sides, the volume that is turned out doesn’t affect the quality. Each curry is of exceptional standard with rich aromas and full flavours. Some are thick and creamy, while others are tangy and packed with veggies. Chicken, Beef, Vegetable – you’ve got them all.

The selection of breads and rice dishes were also pretty impressive, and just as I filled my plate up high with fresh naan, I was told about their coriander seeded naan and pashwari naan breads. Oh my gosh – these came straight from the kitchen, piping hot, soft and tearable. I put myself into a bread coma a little too early maybe!

There is also a salad bar which spans a fairly lengthy space at the right hand side of the restaurant. They have all types of fresh salads and pasta, along side traditional dips and sauces to drizzle over your food.

It costs £17.95 for adults to dine at the buffet, and £8.45 for children. To say that you have a huuuge variety of delicious curries, rice and sides, along with incredible starters, desserts and salads and the most authentic cooked flavours, it’s completely worth the money. Exceptional quality food with endless choices – coming here was like a real treat night out!

You can find Royal Nawaab at 1008 Stockport Road, Manchester, M19 3WN.

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