Summer Style: dress to impress

With summer just around the corner, many of you ladies will be starting to think about the different social occasions you’ll be attending this year. At last the sun seems to be making an appearance, and you can finally forget about those endless rainy days. Maybe you’ll head to a UK festival, or show your support at a sporting event? Well, whatever you choose, you have to be sure that you dress to impress. The warmer weather is the perfect excuse to get summer gorgeous. So, what will you be wearing?


Festivals aren’t that glamorous, right? Wrong. Whilst they’re fundamentally designed for people to have a good time, the truth is, everyone likes to put a personal stamp on their festival wardrobe. What you wear is a reflection of your personality and musical preferences, so try to be selective in your choice of clothes.

A staple festival piece is denim shorts. Comfy, casual, yet subtly stylish, a good pair of denim shorts will work wonderfully with a fabulously floral blouse or printed tee.   For more inspiration, check out brands including Joe Browns, as these provide a great selection of potential outfits for your festival adventures.

Aztec Wedges, £35, ideally for the warmer weather!

Aztec Wedges, £35, ideally for the warmer weather!

Sporting events

Another occasion where the dress-code can be confusing is sporting events. Ranging from Wimbledon to a day at Lords, sometimes it’s difficult to know which looks are the most appropriate. So, keep it simple and when in doubt, opt for smart casual.

You need a combination which can easily fit within any sporting crowd. If the occasion is just a few short hours, then maybe consider coupling some skinny jeans with a tailored jacked and low heels. This way, you’ll be comfortable yet still have a sophisticated edge. However, if it’s an all-day event, remember to layer up. A smart jacket will complement your overall combo perfectly, and it’ll keep you warm when the evenings get chilly.



There are a wide variety of incredible theatre performances hitting the stage this summer; the ideal opportunity to flaunt your own show-stopping style. One of the most enjoyable aspects of going to the theatre is the social element, so why not make the most of the occasion? Go for a meal with the girls beforehand and make it an event for everyone to look forward to. But what to wear? A stunning shift dress combined with a killer pair of heels tends to do the trick. Simple.

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