Summer Makeup Trends You Have to Try

Summer is getting closer, and we are all planning fun vacations, parties and much more. The Sun and warm weather make us happy and we’re in a good mood, and that often reflects on the way we dress and on our makeup.

Makeup trends change each year, and it is sometimes hard to keep up, so here we are talking about some, you can use in your routine.

Warm up your face

Some of you like to go to tanning places and get that perfect tan easily. Others, like to wait for the Sun, and let it do its magic. Whatever method you are using, beautiful, bronzed skin is the key makeup look for summer. Bronzers come in many different forms, and you should pick based on the type of skin you have.

Since during summer we all tend to get oily skin, you can’t go wrong with powdered bronzer.

You should choose a shade that is one or two shades darker than your actual skin tone. With a big bronzer brush, put the bronzer where the Sun would naturally hit you. So, your forehead, a bit on the nose, and of course just below your cheekbone.

You can get matt or shimmery bronzers, that is your preference, although nothing says summer more than a natural bronzed shimmer on your face. It will warm it up, and make it look radiant and fresh.

Shape your face by getting the perfect brow look

In recent years, bushy eyebrows are a popular trend, and everyone is so keen on letting them grow out. Since the era of thin brows is behind us, many new products are available. Powder, pencil, gel, those are all products you can choose according to the effect you are trying to achieve. A combination of these is something worth trying.

You can even buy eyebrow makeup online, and recreate the looks of famous beauty gurus. This is a good way of purchasing products because you can run into many discounts, and even buy kits that make it so much easier to learn how to do your brows.

If you are missing brow hair in some places, you can use the pencil to draw them precisely.

Fill in the gaps you may have with powder and give them more color. For a more dramatic look, you can use gels, because they are more noticeable and they last longer.

Give yourself a natural glow with highlighters

Another must for a perfect summer makeup look is, of course, highlighter. This is a trend that has been popular non-stop for years now, and we have all come to love it. There are different looks you can achieve by using different highlighters.

Liquid gives you a more natural, soft look, while powders are for a more dramatic look. The best places for applying highlighter are: top of your cheekbones, brow bone, top of the nose, and cupid’s bow (just above your lip). If you are using it correctly, it is supposed to accentuate the high points of your face, making it look more sculpted and glowing.

You will get the best results by using a fan brush, that follows the natural line of your cheekbone.

Have fun with a bright lip

Summertime is all about bright, and cheerful clothing, so why not make your makeup the same. To add a fun detail to your face, you can use bright lipsticks.  Red, pink or purple, it doesn’t matter, just match it to your skin tone, and you will be ready to go.

A nice summer look can include minimal face makeup, very natural, and just a pop of color on the lips. For best results, use a lip liner beforehand to mark the line precisely, and then fill It in with a shade of lipstick that is a shade lighter.

This way, your lips will look fuller, if that is something you like. Another trend you can try with a bright red lip is to combine it with pink eyeshadows. Although it may sound weird, that color combo is pretty popular now.

During summer, we don’t want heavy products on our faces, that is why natural makeup is the best way to go. Emphasize your brows or lips, and keep the rest of the face more subtle. Play with colors, and styles and you will find what best suits you.

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